Backpicks GOAT: #9 Wilt Chamberlain

Note: This is the first profile in an historical series on the most valuable NBA careers of all-time. 

Key stats and trends

  • Overrated offensively (scoring blindness) – didn’t create and score at same time
  • Underrated defensively – anchored multiple top-tier defenses
  • Inconsistent, changed game multiple times (overly focused on stat du jour)

Scouting Report

We have limited film of Wilt, so piecing together his game is a matter of pairing the possessions we have with numerous journalistic accounts. He loved the left block, but didn’t work feverishly for deep post position like we might see from someone like Shaq at his apex. When he did establish deep position, Wilt was explosive and difficult to stop, either dunking or quickly wheeling for a finger roll. He also liked the fadeaway, demonstrating that he wasn’t merely a brute.

However, Wilt wasn’t always a fluid athlete, especially as he added muscle during his career. His footwork is the first thing that stands out on film; it was sometimes awkward and led to a number of travels or off-balance plays.

Once he started passing more, he became black-and-white with his attack – when he received the ball in the post with his back to the hoop, he would often start in a “pass mode.” Pass-mode Wilt waited for an open cutter, and if his receivers were covered, only then would he start a deliberate scoring move. Below, he surveys briefly before setting up his fadeaway:

This inability to simultaneously threaten the defense with scoring or hitting open players held him back as an offensive force in my estimation. In other words, he wasn’t a good playmaker. In 1966, Sports Illustrated alluded to this zero sum, baseball-like approach like this:

“But the tactical demands of using [Wilt] to his best advantage severely diminish his own team’s versatility and generally create morale problems among those who want the ball as much as he does.”

Wilt struggled to combine his own scoring with creation, as the best offensive players do. Additionally, his tendency to park himself on the block and remain there for the entire possession clogged driving lanes for his guards.1

As he grew older and was exposed to Alex Hannum, Wilt was a very willing passer. However the film demonstrates how teams responded to this “passing mode” differently. In 1964 (and again in 1967) Wilt was often double-teamed, and thus his passes to open cutters created a 4-on-3 power play, if properly spaced. In other words, defenses reacted to Wilt and he could create.

However, on the back nine of his career, teams didn’t seem to double this action. They just let Chamberlain stand there and hold the ball.2 Wilt was then truly making a “Rondo Pass,” where he would simply wait for the other four players to materialize an opening instead of helping them create the opening. This shrank his playmaking and minimized his overall impact.

Passes like this have some value, especially when surrounded by quality teammates, but they are more like jabs, whereas creating an open shot is a power hook. Wilt also might have been turnover prone. On my most recent film-study, I tracked 47 of his post possessions and seven were turnovers (a whopping 15 percent of the time).

That’s a super small sample, no doubt, but consistent with reports like this from Sports Illustrated during the 1973 Finals:

“Against Reed, who is taller, stronger, heavier and quicker than Lucas, Chamberlain’s attempts to back under the basket for his finger rolls and dunks yielded almost as many traveling calls, three-second violations and offensive fouls as they did goals.”

Because of this, I wouldn’t call Wilt a “high-IQ player,” although he did have a great feel for certain game dynamics, particularly when he could survey the court. (He had a nifty behind-the-back wrap-around pass that in one highlight led to a dunk and in two others clanked off a leg or sailed out of bounds.) As his career evolved, he looked to score less and less — although he still had power and spin moves in the post — and in his final seasons, he wasn’t a focal point on offense at all. Here (in 1972), he’s in position to attack, but thinks nothing of it:

Defensively, Wilt was a monster. Here he is in his later years defending Kareem brilliantly, first with active hands and then sitting on his sky hook to prevent Jabbar from comfortably wheeling to his left:

His defensive weakness was block-chasing. He tallied goaltending violations constantly in the limited film we have on him and occasionally fell out of position by chasing blocks. In the stunning clip below we can see his otherworldly athleticism combined with a propensity to rack up goaltends:

Otherwise, he generally stayed near the hoop and was an absolute terror protecting it. There’s plenty of this on film:

This led to dominant defensive rebounding and some of the most incredible blocked shots you’ll ever see. He ate up space with his 7-foot-8 wingspan and altered a number of shots from guards as they entered his domain.

Impact Evaluation

In Thinking Basketball, Wilt is the case study for Global Offense. He produced unrivaled individual scoring numbers, but they did’t move the needle much for his team. It’s only when his game shifted away from volume-scoring that his team’s offenses flourished. He’s perhaps the ultimate illustration that individual offense does not automatically equate to successful team offense.

The simplest way to see this is to look at the correlations between his offensive outputs (the x-axis) and his team’s offensive efficiencies (the y-axis):

There’s a massive negative correlation (-0.76) between Wilt’s scoring attempts and his team’s offensive rating. So, the less Wilt shot, the better and better his team’s offenses performed. I won’t rehash what’s outlined in detail in the book, but needless to say, Wilt’s skill set described in the scouting report contributed to this phenomenon; not creating for teammates is extremely limiting.

Most volume scorers will taper down on good offenses, but Wilt is unique in that he completely shifts his style of play away from scoring on all of his successful offensive clubs. In some ways, Wilt was the original “Black Hole” – when the ball went in to him, it wasn’t coming out.3

To put this into perspective, we can look at his ratio of true shot attempts (TSA) to assists.4 Historically, Jordan’s ’87 scoring spree comes in at 7.2:1 and Kobe’s ’06 barrage at 7.0:1. Those are the two highest scoring seasons per possession in NBA history. Wilt’s ’61 and ’62 seasons had ratios just under 20:1, good for sixth and seventh all-time, behind such legendary offensive forces as Howard Porter (1974) and Charlie Villenueva (2015). Even 1982 Moses Malone was around 15:1, and his favorite pass was off the backboard to himself. Here are Wilt’s outlier seasons visually:

So we know that early Chamberlain shot the ball a lot, didn’t create much, and (predictably) his team’s offenses weren’t very good. Can we infer how much he was actually moving the needle for those teams?

When Wilt joined the Warriors in 1960, the offense improved by about a single point per 100 possessions.5 That offense was still 2.4 points below league average (relative offensive rating, or rORtg), the first major signal that Wilt’s volume scoring didn’t automatically equate to great offense.

This was inline with his lack of creation; Chamberlain scored at 21.5 points per 75 possessions that year on efficiency 3.0 percent better than league average (relative True Shooting, or rTS). For comparison, 2017 Kevin Love was 22.7 at +2.0 percent. It would counter every trend in NBA history for this kind of isolation scoring or finishing (from offensive rebounds or off-ball scoring) to automatically generate quality team offense. If we plug in turnovers for Wilt — from low percentage to high percentage — his averages during those volume scoring years were 24 points per 75, +5.0 percent rTS and about a 3 percent creation rate (3 shots created per 100), closest historically to 1981 Robert Parish, 2007 Carlos Boozer, 1981 Moses Malone and 1996 Alonzo Mourning.

The 1960 Warriors also had improved roster continuity, and as a result two of their better players logged more time (Guy Rodgers and the NBA’s first “Mr. Everything” Tom Gola). All-Star Paul Arizin was a year older at 31 and coming off an All-NBA season. Otherwise, they returned the same core from 1959.

However, on defense, the Warriors showed massive improvement, jumping nearly 3.5 points relative to league average. This is a trend that would repeat itself throughout Wilt’s career. Here’s his entire timeline with the Warriors:

In 1962, with Frank Maguire taking over as coach and a second-year Al Attles in the rotation, Wilt averaged 50 points a night and the Warriors jumped to a 55-win pace. However, (again) the team offense budged only slightly, sitting 1.7 points above league average, the highest of any of his first seven seasons.

In 1963, yet another coach entered the picture and the Warriors lost Arizin to retirement. Wilt still had a monster scoring year, boasting an rTS of +5.8 percent for the second straight season, but the offense sunk to below-average. Sports Illustrated described the year like this: “The whole dull show was Wilt Chamberlain, who averaged 44.8 points a game while the rest of his team forgot to score.”

In 1964, one of the great coaches in NBA history, Alex Hannum, entered the picture (along with rookie and future Hall of Famer Nate Thurmond). SI wrote this at the end of the preseason:

“Hannum’s teams move constantly, and everybody works for shots. Could Chamberlain, who sometimes seems an immovable object, fit into the new style? The answer appears to be yes. The new Wilt is moving. He is passing, playing alert defense, running and rebounding, but not scoring nearly as much. He is getting some help from rookie Nate Thurmond (6 feet 11), who will be Wilt’s first relief man in his four seasons as a pro. Thurmond, who could start at center for many NBA teams, is also working as a forward, where he will back up Tom Meschery and Wayne Hightower, both of whom look much better this year…Wilt is the Warriors. They cannot win without him. Hannum feels they might win with him if he is really changing his technique.”

They returned to a 53-win pace in ’64…but it was with a devastatingly good defense (5.9 points better than average). Wilt still scored at volume and the offense waned. Again.

1965 was one of the stranger results in NBA history. The Warriors played at a 28-win pace with Chamberlain. His scoring went back up, his assists declined, and San Francisco finished with the worst offense in the league (-5.9 rORtg). Wilt was traded midway through the year for 40 cents on the dollar (for a 27 and 17 minute-per-game player) and the Warriors were only slightly worse without him. Meanwhile, Philadelphia picked up Chamberlain and improved from a 40-win pace to a 48-win pace.

1966 was Wilt’s final year volume-scoring, although he began to reincorporate passing more. And in 1967, when Hannum reunited with Chamberlain, he successfully sold him on a more global approach. SI wrote this before the year:

“[Jack Ramsay and Alex Hannum] are two of the finest brains, unprotected or otherwise, in basketball. It is doubtful that any franchise ever improved its top management so spectacularly as the 76ers did this year. The team was already excellent…Philly gets Larry Costello back, and the 76ers are younger than Boston and have a full-time coach. Besides, Hannum handled Wilt Chamberlain, at San Francisco, better than any man ever did. Who else but Hannum could say that he plans to use Luke Jackson in the pivot for up to 10 minutes a game and add, ‘Wilt will be agreeable if it’s right for the team.’ This is not psychological skirmishing, either; Wilt and Alex respect each other. Chamberlain did not enhance the relationship by reporting late, but Ramsay promptly fined him $1,050, and all the special considerations that Wilt had been given last year—private suites, travel arrangements—seemed far away indeed.”

The results spoke for themselves, as the 76ers started the season 37-4 and never looked back, posting the highest offensive rating in history at the time. Wilt’s assists spiked to nearly 8 per game en route to the title.

In 1968 Philadelphia’s offense regressed slightly. At the same time, Chamberlain became fixated on leading the league in assists. (He did.) However, based on film and reports, it seemed he was letting defenses off the hook by looking to pass too much – this took pressure off the opponent and essentially turned more of his passes into low-leverage “Rondo Assists,” as illustrated above in the scouting report. Based on the footage, I think a reasonable interpretation for the team’s offensive dip is that opponents stopped doubling Wilt as much as he looked to pass more and more.6

There’s also evidence that the late 1960s 76ers were absolutely loaded. Chet Walker had a smooth offensive game, good outside shot and the ability to create his own scoring (he made seven All-Star teams). Hal Greer made seven straight all-league teams. Billy Cunningham would rise to MVP prominence when given the reigns in the following seasons. Without Wilt, and before Luke Jackson’s season-ending injury in 1969, the 76ers were playing like a 60-win team.

Meanwhile, in 1968, the Lakers were working on their own Super Team. Coach Butch Van Breda Kolff implemented a system based on the Princeton offense and his collection of guards flourished. With Jerry West, they played at a 62-win pace, with an offense to challenge the record-setting 76ers from the year before. However, without West they were pedestrian, and the result went largely unnoticed in NBA history.

Despite success in Philadelphia, Wilt wanted to move to the glamour of Hollywood. SI wrote this before the ’68 season:

“Now that Wilt Chamberlain has decided not to acquire the Los Angeles franchise in the ABA or become a split end for the Jets or the heavyweight champion of the world but instead to play basketball for a salary approaching $250,000, the 76ers must be favored to win again.”

So at the end of the year, long before the Heatles, Wilt forced a trade to LA and joined superstars Elgin Baylor and West. However, Wilt’s prodding offensive game didn’t exactly fit into Van Breda Kolff’s Princeton schemes that emphasized space and open lanes, and the Lakers regressed with the addition of Chamberlain.

They were still quite good when healthy – a 57-win pace.7 Still, they were better the year before Wilt arrived. The Laker offense, spearheaded by West, still finished a quality 3.0 points above league average, but it’s clear that Wilt’s low and mid-post game didn’t enhance what LA had previously synthesized. Van Breda Koff was infamously ousted at the end of the year.

In 1970 Wilt missed most of the season with injury and returned for the playoffs. There are only small-sampled lineups to compare (shown above), but they are similar with and without Chamberlain. His final three years were likely his least effective offensively, as his free throw rates dropped severely and his scoring rates were close to Tyson Chandler levels.

It’s not a problem, per se, to combine the packages of Chandler and Rondo; such passing can still be additive when surrounded by offensive weapons like West and Gail Goodrich. Additionally, Wilt’s offensive rebounding helped too. But he became fixated on setting the field goal percentage record and at the end of the 1973 season would pass up easy shots to preserve his shooting numbers.

“March 28, 1973, Chamberlain didn’t attempt a shot or take a single free throw while playing 46 minutes in an 85-84 loss to Milwaukee. Coach Bill Sharman, when asked why Wilt didn’t shoot, said, ‘I don’t know why. You will have to ask him. That really hurt, him not shooting’ -St. Petersburg Times, March 29, 1973

“Wilt Chamberlain, who entered the game with 24 successful field goal attempts in a row, kept the streak alive in an unconventional fashion. He took no shots at all” – The Milwaukee Journal, March 28, 1973”

By all accounts, his last few years were some of his best defensively. He was built like a tank at that point – he claimed over 300 pounds – and anchored the second and third-best defense in the league in his final two seasons.

When we regress lineup data from that period (WOWYR) Wilt still shows strong impact. This is because of all the excellent teams that he was a major figurehead on – ’62, ’64, ’67, ’68, ’72 and ’73. All told, Wilt’s four best teams, by far, come from his non volume-scoring years, and the last two come from his “Tyson Chandler” vintage. This arc makes sense if you remember the scouting report – he wasn’t creating easy shots for his teammates, and his propensity to park in the lane helped muck up spacing that was already mucked. (After all, he was described by SI as “an immovable object.”)

Meanwhile, his willingness to pass (even those Rondo Passes) helped skilled teams, as did his occasional post move and presence as an offensive rebounder. But the major contributions came on the defensive end. There, he’s one of the greatest defenders ever, only overshadowed in his time by the greatest defender ever, Bill Russell. From the film of these seasons and from the data, we see Wilt’s tremendous impact and ability to block and alter shots while inhaling defensive boards.

Finally, there’s this tidbit to drive home these trends: Most relative defenses in the postseason are slightly worse. But Wilt’s improved by 1.9 points, far more than any other all-timer. On the other hand, most relative offenses improve in the playoffs, but Wilt’s teams declined by a point…more than any other all-timer. So while a “scoring blindness” drastically overstates his offensive impact, it also masks his tremendous defensive results.

He’s great, just not in the ways that the original box score predicts.


IV. Historical Impact: The all-time MVPs from Multiple WOWYR studies

Triangulation is an important concept in the social sciences. It allows us to hone in on a result without having a singular, definitive measurement. In Part III of this historical impact series, I ran two huge regressions based on 60 years of game results to determine whose presence correlated the most with his team’s improvement. The differences in those WOWYR results — presented using a “prime” and career value — demonstrated some instability in the regression. So if we want to be confident about how valuable older players were, we’ll need snapshots from different perspectives. We could use a little triangulation.

How accurate is WOWYR?

Prime WOWYR can match a 17-year adjusted plus-minus (RAPM) study for predicting lineup results at the game level. WOWYR correlates well with players from that 17-year RAPM set (from 1997-2014, by Jerry Engelmann), with a correlation coefficient of 0.67 (for scaled results) and an average error (MAE) of 1.1 points. Every player was within 4.7 points of his RAPM value, although among higher-minute players the max error was 2.9 points.

In other words, over long periods of time, WOWYR data and RAPM are quite similar — all players will be within three points of each other and most will be within a point. We wouldn’t expect the values to be identical, because WOWYR and RAPM are measuring two similar, but slightly different, events. Still, despite the convergence, WOWYR is plagued by two major problems.

First, it’s sample size isn’t large enough for every player. Sometimes players log years with the same combination of teammates or even a single teammate (Stockton and Malone). Although they played hundreds of games, the play-by-play analogue would be Wilt Chamberlain logging 45 minutes a game, and then trying to infer his value based on 250 minutes of time off the court. It gives rise to the dreaded collinearity issue, and we’re less confident in those kinds of results.

Removing a season or three of data can alter a player’s values by a few points per game, which isn’t always a result of him playing differently in those seasons. In order to accurately solve for “what’s the most likely impact for Larry Bird on all of his lineups?” we need to know about the value of his teammates, like Reggie Lewis. And since Lewis only played a few years, his estimate is a bit fuzzy, and that in turn effects Bird’s estimate.

Second, like any RAPM study that’s too long, it smoothes over differences between peak years, ignoring aging and injury. There are some ways around this — one of which is to use smaller time periods — but other potential solutions are for another post.

10-Year GPM: Another perspective

WOWYR is one perspective; it’s a bunch of weighted WOWY data that is regressed. Building off of the the same idea, Backpicks reader Zachary Stone has tackled historical games with a slightly different approach that I’ll call GPM (Game-level adjusted Plus-Minus). GPM is more analogous to “pure” RAPM in that each game result is a row in the equation, whereas WOWYR combines games and weights the lineups. The details of Zach’s version of GPM:

  • It uses only players who played at least 25 minutes per game during a season, so those games where Draymond Green is ejected early still count as a game played for him.
  • It uses a “replacement” player cutoff of 260 games. (The other studies below use 82 games.)
  • It’s run on data from 1957-2017.
  • (Technical detail: This version of GPM chose a lambda using the computationally expensive generalized cross-validation, not the chunkier k-fold method used for WOWYR in Part III.)

But there’s still the issue of time to consider. We don’t want the model thinking that Michael Jordan in his Wizard years is actually the Michael Jordan. So Zach ran the regression in 10-year slices, from 1957-66, 1958-67, 1959-68 and so on, and then grabbed each player’s best 10-year run. Finally, he scaled the results to allow for apples to apples comparisons across eras.

In theory, this will yield a better ballpark of those players with relatively consistent 10-year primes. Combined with WOWYR, this will give us multiple snapshots of the past based on game-level results. Additionally, I’ve added an alternative version of WOWYR to the table below that uses 20 minutes per game as a cutoff for qualifying players — a version that was slightly worse at predicting lineup results than the prime WOWYR published in Part III, but contained enough variability to throw into the mix.

Together, this triangulation won’t produce retina display clarity of past players, but it’s not exactly fuzzy in most cases. Anyone who fares well in all three of these areas was likely impacting the scoreboard when they played. In the table below, I’ve averaged the three regressions and included the variability among the three as a measure of stability (smaller is better). The “GPM years” column is the period of time Zach’s model picked for each player – some of the lesser names like Don Buse have been excluded:

PlayerScaled WOWYRAlt Scaled10-yr Scaled GPMGPM YearsAvg.Variability


Because this lacks the granularity of play-by-play data, more interpretation is required per player. For instance, guys like Stockton and Malone suffer from small-sampled collinearity; based largely on the 18 games Stockton missed to start the 1998 season, the models have no choice but to solve for the two of them by giving Stockton a larger share of credit. (Utah improved in its final 64 games that year.) Meanwhile, Bird has lots of instability in his result because of Reggie Lewis; in the 1955-84 set from Part II of this series, Bird was first among all players based on his first five seasons.

Next, although Zach’s GPM doesn’t have this problem — he scaled the results of each 10-year run — WOWYR does not account for varying point differentials over the years . So someone like Bill Russell requires an upward mental adjustment, while Wilt Chamberlain’s WOWYR scores are inflated a touch compared to Russell’s because of the early ’70s expansion. GPM is the only regression above that accounts for era differences, and it peaks Wilt from 1960-69, slotting him behind Jerry West and Oscar Robertson.

About half of the MVP Shares in history belong to the first 22 players in the above table. John Havlicek, one of a few non-MVPs in the top 20, is likely aided by the collapse of Charlie Scott and premature demise of Dave Cowens. Still, his results are impressive. Paul Pierce’s are too, although his number is likely inflated by the models having no way to account for the true “replacement level” quality of Kevin Garnett’s teammates in Minnesota. And — scoring blindness alert! — I think we’ve all underestimated Dikembe Mutombo, who looks quite good in non-box metrics.

Then there are the decorated players who struggle in these regressions. Dwyane Wade’s disappointing number is likely the result of two injury-plagued seasons dragging down his value, along with two more years in physical decline. Allen Iverson, echoing his play-by-play numbers,  shows no evidence of playing at an MVP level. George Gervin, dampened by a few post prime years, posts a small value given his five consecutive top-six MVP finishes.

There are still future tweaks that can be made to these models. However, they will always have certain limitations, and at this point I’m confident in saying that there’s not too much mileage left from them. These results paint a fuzzy picture for some players, and compelling arguments for others. Even for players with strong signals, the precision of the models should not be overlooked; they are not for declaring that a player was exactly 1.2 points more valuable than a contemporary. However, for most players across NBA history, they provide a fairly accurate approximation of value.

A Visual History of NBA Spacing

We’re living in the Pace and Space era, so spacing is kind of a big deal. So much so that I’d guess nearly everyone who isn’t a coach still undervalues its importance and the role it has played historically in dictating NBA tendencies and strategy. There was a time when the lane looked more like a rugby scrum than a spacious ballroom dance floor, and this post is a visual chronicle of that transformation. Jump in a DeLorean with me as we go back to a rainy November 12, 1955 grainy 1962…

Our first screenshot is from the ’62 Finals. Offensive players have white circles under them to denote their location, defensive players blue ones, and the ball handler is white surrounded by blue.

This was what an “open lane” looked like for much of the 60s. There are four defenders on the edge of the modern (16-foot wide) key ready to help on that ball-handler if he attacks. Notice, also, that if he drives left toward the baseline, something convoluted happens: He will try to use his teammates as screeners like they are offensive linemen in football, but help defense was easy because everything so tightly packed.

Guard play in the ’60s was also characterized by a palm-down (pronated) dribble. The effect of this cannot be overstated — guards simply were not allowed to dribble in any modern capacity, which made penetration into this congested traffic difficult. Bob Cousy didn’t dribble like this for fun, the rules demanded it.

The next image is quite grainy, but it was so typical of the times that it must be included. The ball is on the far wing, at most, nine feet from the man posting up (Wilt Chamberlain). There are eight players in the modern key!

It was common at the time for certain post plays to start with this much traffic, and it led to a practice I call the “free double-team.” Modern double-teams usually pay a price by leaving a player open. The free double-team is a costless defensive trap, in which the help-defender’s own man is still so close that he can effectively guard two players at once. Thus, despite being doubled, the ball-handler can’t create a shot for an open teammate.

In the ensuing years, teams and coaches were certainly aware of these issues. The Princeton offense — which now comes in many flavors — had a large emphasis on balanced spacing and opening the lane. Still, it was a slow crawl to where we are today. The inability to break down defenders off the dribble didn’t leave coaches dreaming of clear-outs.

If we jump ahead to the 1970 Finals, you’ll notice there’s a little more breathing room.

The Lakers have pulled two players (somewhat) high and wide on the weak side, and there’s now sufficient space between the entry passer (Elgin Baylor) and Wilt in the post. However, any drive from Baylor will encounter two fundamental problems. First, there are three defenders in the lane. Second, it will be hard to punish any help defenders. The best option is likely a kick-out for a long two, but the two spot-up players are within feet of each other and can be covered by one man!

From the same game, L.A. runs a more modern type of isolation for Jerry West, who liked to back his defender down from the high post. The screen capture is from the moment New York sends a double at West.

It’s not “free” in that L.A. is spread out enough for him to swing it to an open teammate at the top of the key. Notice how pinched down the weak side players are, allowing the Knicks to form a wall in the lane, deterring penetration. It’s an improvement from the early 60s, but it’s an “economy to economy-plus” improvement. This isn’t business class space.

There isn’t much footage from the 60s, but from the publicly available film, it wasn’t until the 1970 season that the NBA started easing up on palming. Players still dribbled with mostly pronated wrists, but the contact point of the ball could be held a little longer. (I credit the ABA’s free style of play for slowly relaxing the enforcement of these rules.) More secure ball-handling made it easier to penetrate into space…if there was any.

By the early 70s, offenses were starting to expand the court. Here’s our first example of some business class roominess (from 1974):

That screenshot was taken as the entry pass reached Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the elbow. This kind of space was a game-changer; there would now be a hefty price for doubling Kareem with either the baseline defender or the diagonal defender near the foul line. And of course, Kareem himself has a lot of room to operate in isolation, and you don’t want to play Kareem one on one.

The ’70s were a mixture of viable spacing like this and the crammed confines of the ’60s. However, like a frog in boiling water, the dribbling rules continued to slowly relax . You can see some wrist rotation during this open court dribble from David Thompson in 1977, and then a full 90-degree wrist when he hesitates on the following play. By the early ’80s, players were fully turning their wrists over from the side (or underneath) the ball. Isiah Thomas was perhaps the most notable perpetrator, and the technique can be seen on his left-to-right crossover here.

In 1980, the NBA introduced the 3-point line, but it took a few years for spacing to expand to the arc. Here’s a typical Laker set from 1983, in which Magic Johnson’s entry to Kareem was four feet inside the stripe and the entire Laker offense is indifferent to the 3-point line. (Yes, Magic’s defender is daring him to take that shot.)

Notice that there are still five Denver defenders in the lane. However, offenses in the ’70s and ’80s distributed players evenly among the strong and weak side, particularly after the introduction of illegal defense in 1982, which permitted offenses to pull shot-blockers out of the lane. More on this in a second.

By the mid ’80s, the combination of improved spacing and efficacious dribbling made penetration and isolation more of a threat. This coincided with a steady improvement in offensive efficiency — in just over a decade, league-wide ratings exploded from the mid 90s to 107 points per 100 in 1982, within two points of the all-time peak.

Let’s hop forward to 1990 and snap an image of Chicago’s famed triangle offense, which emphasized spacing and balance:

Right away it should be clear that this is business class roominess. Michael Jordan is initiating the offense here, and Chicago’s spacing allows for, at the least, a drive-and-kick by Jordan. More importantly — at least for Shaquille O’Neal 10 years later — the post player’s life is easier with three teammates out beyond the arc and the opposite side big near the high post. This kind of spacing means the defense has to cover longer distances to rotate and makes interior passing more realistic.

Compare this to, say, Hakeem Olajuwon’s Rockets, who liked to use “3 out” and “4 out” sets, pinning shooters to the 3-point line in order to punish an Olajuwon double. This next caption (from 1994) is snapped after the ball has been kicked out of the post.

Utah still has an amoeba-like wall in the lane, but the threat of the outside shot forces the defense to close out on the shooters, which can re-open a driving lane. This was very much a read-and-react game, in which the spacing allowed teams to move the ball to the best shot, and defenses scrambled to stop that shot. Here’s an example of a “4 out” set from the same year:

Now there’s only one Utah defender in the paint and some decent real estate to work with. At the same time, many teams were starting to abuse the illegal defense rules by pulling entire defenses out of the lane.

That group of Spurs bunched together on the right side of the screen cannot legally drop below the foul line because Utah has stationed the rest of its team above the arc. Some version of this play was run constantly in the ’90s, particularly by teams with good isolation players. As you can see, it frees up a ton of space to attack; David Robinson is on a basketball island defending Karl Malone. If something breaks down, defenders from above the foul line, like Tim Duncan, will have to race down to protect the rim.

At the same time, the seeds of the modern pick-and-roll dominant game were being sewn. NBA teams have been pick-and-rolling forever, but the 3-point shot and spacing have supercharged its power. Here’s a famous Malone-Stockton sideline pick-and-roll. Notice how much space is created by stationing two players at the 3-point arc.

This play is so difficult to contain that it forces the weak side defender to completely leave his man in the lower right corner. Just the setup can create an open shot with a skip pass.

Of course, by this point in time, you could completely supinate your hand when dribbling, pause, and continue dribbling some more. As a result, quick guards were nearly impossible to contain when given space to attack. Before 1995, hand-checking was permitted above the free throw line, which could somewhat mitigate this effect, but the flood gates opened in the mid-’90s. The defensive counter to eliminating true hand-checking was to bump and arm bar players when they moved off the ball, which was then eliminated in 2005’s rule change emphasizing “freedom of movement.” All of this laid the foundation for today’s game.

Let’s jump a few more years to an isolation-heavy offense, the 2006 Lakers, and a Kobe Bryant drive:

Look at all that beautiful open court to attack! If help comes from anywhere, Kobe should be able to find an open shooter or cutter. This was the same kind of read-and-react game from the ’90s, only with better spacing principles (increased 3-point shooting) and no illegal defense (abolished in 2002 for defensive 3 seconds). Some teams were even initiating offenses with all five guys around the arc.

This is really difficult to guard. The threat of the shooters, and the space needed to help off of them and then recover strains defenses, who must pick-a-poison whenever the player initiating the pick-and-roll is an offensive weapon (like Steve Nash). The NBA moved toward this approach during the last decade, as 3-point shooting became more prevalent and stretch bigs helped open up the court. This has driven up individual scoring rates, led to a rise in creation and helped the league set an efficiency record in 2017.

Finally, you’ve earned it. Let’s enjoy the first-class experience:

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a high pick-and-roll 10 feet beyond the 3-point line, with three shooters pinning the defense to the arc. This is the game today — lots of space, threats everywhere and minimal congestion on cuts. That wide-open shaded area in the above screenshot is at least 350 square feet, the size of a New York City apartment.

Or, in the old days, the home of most of the defenders on the court.

Offensive Load and Adjusted TOV%

Many years ago when I was stat-tracking games, I first started tinkering with the concept of “Offensive Load,” or how much a player “directly” contributes to an individual possession. The idea was simple: Traditional “usage” looks at how much a player shoots or turns the ball over, but some shooters warp defenses and make plays while others are the beneficiaries of such plays.

Usage has value in its own way, but it doesn’t necessarily capture who drives the most offense. Thanks to optical tracking, analysts are now extending the concept to represent who is “involved” more in the offense, but that information is only available since 2014. Historically, playmakers who create for others are underrepresented by usage, but now that we can measure creation with the box score, we can calculate an offensive load estimate that incorporates passing and creation all the way back to 1978.

Calculating Offensive Load

If we want to measure meaningful offensive actions, we need to define what constitutes a “meaningful” action. Let’s define them as:

  • Shooting
  • Creating
  • Passing
  • Turning it over (while attempting to shoot, create or pass)

Usage covers half of this equation. The question is how to fill in the other half.

Shooting and turnovers are given equal weight in the classic usage formula. Since creating an opportunity is an integral part of many shot attempts, let’s give creation equal weight as well. That leaves “passing” (i.e. assists) as the final component of the formula, but this part is a bit trickier.

It turns out that 38 percent of opportunities created are also assists, so the first step is to remove those from the assist component to avoid double counting. Of the remaining “non-creation” assists, a percentage are from “capitalization” assists — the original or extra pass in an offensive advantage — another chunk are Rondo Assists (a more idle, basic pass where the receiver does most of the work) and the remainder are quality passes that exploit weaknesses in the defense. (These are the riskiest of the bunch.)

Some of these assists are mere happenstance, and some of them require solid decision making. In 2017, 23.9 percent of assists were hockey assists, so as a simple, ad hoc adjustment, one quarter of non-creation assists are removed from the Offensive Load calculation. Thus, the four components for offensive load are true shot attempts, a creation estimate, turnovers and non-creation assists. Using per 100 data, the final formula is:

Offensive Load: (Assists-(0.38*Box Creation))*0.75)+FGA+FTA*0.44+Box Creation+Turnovers

This allows us to compare who has carried the largest load at times for the last 40 seasons. Unsurprisingly, it’s Russell Westbrook’s unique 2017 season, an outlier at 74 percent and one of only three seasons above 60 percent. (Since load is a per 100 rate statistic, “percent” here refers to the percentage of plays that the player was “meaningfully involved” in while on the court.) The median load since 1978 is 27.1 percent, and everything above 32.4 percent falls in the top quartile.

The beauty of the stat is illustrated at the team level, where the partitioning of responsibility is more accurately reflected. Take a player like Steve Nash, who had the third-highest usage rate among Phoenix’s starters in 2005, but led them in Offensive Load by a landslide, which makes sense, because he directed the offense most of the time:

Thus, usage can more accurately be thought of as a team’s “shot distribution,” whereas load is reflective of who is responsible for the heavy lifting. Using Offensive Load, perimeter players with large ball-handling and playmaking responsibilities (like Nash) are no longer underrepresented, as they are in traditional usage. And now that we have load, we can come up with a more accurate estimate of turnover percentage as well.

Adjusted Turnover Percentage (cTOV%)

Traditional turnover rates are based off of usage, which, as previously mentioned, is mostly about scoring attempts. Because of this, playmakers are hammered in turnover percentage. In Phoenix, Nash’s turnover percentages were in the low 20s, whereas a scoring-centric player like Carmelo Anthony had rates between 8.9 and 12.7 percent for the heart of his career. By these accounts, Nash looks like a butterfingery Jeff George while Anthony a trusted gatekeeper of possessions. But this is simply a reward for Anthony throwing the ball at the rim a lot instead of setting up teammates.

Instead, if we use Offensive Load — which incorporates critical non-shooting functions — we can see a more accurate representation of how turnover-prone each player really was. Adjusting turnovers, which I’ll denote as cTOV% (creation-based turnover percentage), is a basic calculation:

cTOV% = Turnovers per 100 / Offensive Load

Now we can compare Anthony and Nash on a level playing field, one that accounts for the turnovers incurred when playmaking and passing:

As you can see, they now look quite similar. And, I suppose, it could still be argued that this adjustment is too small since taking pull-up jumpers is less likely to result in turnovers than any creation endeavors. But we’ll leave that for another time and place.

Either way, Offensive Load gives us a far more accurate representation of responsibilities than traditional usage, and adjusting turnovers based on it a fairer gauge of how turnover prone players really are.


The Plus-Minus GOAT List (1994-2017)

In the last post, I normalized a bunch of different adjusted plus-minus (APM) numbers — available in the public domain since 1994 — in order to compare players historically. This raises a natural and fun question: Who does adjusted plus-minus data like the most over multiple seasons?

In order to answer this question, I converted each plus-minus season into a championship odds over replacement player value, or a CORP value. (Methodology outlined below.) This allows us to properly value peak seasons, instead of simply summing someone’s total as if a 6.0 APM score is twice as good as a 3.0 score. (It’s closer to three times the value, from the perspective of improving a team’s odds of winning a title.)

The Winner?

LeBron James. Well, he and Kevin Garnett, who has always been a favorite of plus-minus metrics. Here are the all-time leaders in CORP based on this historical plus-minus data:

LeBron James142.99
Kevin Garnett212.64
Tim Duncan192.26
Shaquille O'Neal182.05
Dirk Nowitzki191.99
Chris Paul121.51
Kobe Bryant191.50
Jason Kidd191.43
Dwyane Wade141.24
Steve Nash171.21
Paul Pierce181.18
Rasheed Wallace151.17
Manu Ginobili151.17
Vince Carter191.13
David Robinson91.10
Stephen Curry81.03
Ray Allen181.03
Kevin Durant101.00
Dwight Howard130.95
Tony Parker160.92
Charles Barkley150.92
Baron Davis130.92
Luol Deng130.89
Chris Bosh130.88
Karl Malone110.88
Andre Miller170.87
Vlade Divac110.86
Shawn Marion160.85
Grant Hill170.85
Andre Iguodala130.85
John Stockton100.84
LaMarcus Aldridge110.83
James Harden80.82
Gary Payton140.81
Draymond Green50.80
Joe Johnson160.80
Eddie Jones140.79
Dikembe Mutombo150.79
Alonzo Mourning110.79
Brad Miller130.77
Scottie Pippen110.77
Shane Battier130.76
Russell Westbrook90.75
Mookie Blaylock90.75
Ben Wallace150.75
Derek Fisher180.72
Pau Gasol160.72
Lamar Odom140.71
Kyle Korver140.71
Kyle Lowry100.70
Jermaine O'Neal170.69
Chris Webber140.69
Rashard Lewis150.69
Nene Hilario130.68
Andrei Kirilenko120.68
Paul Millsap110.68
Elton Brand150.67
Robert Horry150.65
Allen Iverson140.65
Doug Christie110.65
Bo Outlaw120.64
Tyson Chandler160.64
Tracy McGrady150.63
Carmelo Anthony140.63
Zach Randolph150.62
Marcus Camby160.61
Toni Kukoc130.60
Reggie Miller120.60
Mike Conley100.60
Nick Collison120.59
Chauncey Billups150.59
Hedo Turkoglu130.59
David West140.58
Hakeem Olajuwon90.58
Deron Williams120.58
Mike Dunleavy150.57
Sam Cassell140.57
Tony Allen130.57
Anfernee Hardaway110.56
Josh Smith120.56
Antawn Jamison150.56
Jason Terry180.55
Horace Grant100.54
Gerald Wallace120.54
Kenyon Martin130.54
Tim Hardaway120.53
Blake Griffin70.53
Kawhi Leonard60.52
Theo Ratliff130.52
Amir Johnson100.52
Shawn Bradley120.52
Patrick Ewing90.51
J.R. Smith130.50
Tayshaun Prince140.50
Ricky Rubio60.50
Michael Jordan60.50
Kevin Love90.49
Michael Finley150.48
Joe Smith150.48
Zydrunas Ilgauskas120.48
Greg Ostertag110.47
Channing Frye110.47
Marc Gasol90.47
Boris Diaw140.46
Serge Ibaka80.46
Clifford Robinson140.45
Jeff Hornacek70.45
Kurt Thomas150.45
Thaddeus Young100.45
Paul George60.45
Steve Francis80.45
Mitch Richmond90.45
Devin Harris130.44
Maurice Cheeks90.44
Matt Barnes140.44
Detlef Schrempf70.44
Andrew Bogut110.44
P.J. Brown140.43
Bruce Bowen120.43
Anderson Varejao120.43
Monta Ellis120.43
Brevin Knight120.43
Josh Howard90.43
George Hill90.43
Eric Snow110.43
Klay Thompson60.43
Yao Ming70.43
Shawn Kemp100.42
Jeff Foster100.42
Bryon Russell120.42
Raymond Felton110.42
Jason Richardson130.41
DeAndre Jordan90.41
Richard Hamilton140.41
Earl Watson120.41
Danny Green60.41
Marcin Gortat90.41
Jameer Nelson130.41
Zaza Pachulia150.41
Arvydas Sabonis70.40
Joakim Noah100.40
Goran Dragic90.40
Brendan Haywood110.39
Kenny Anderson120.39
Christian Laettner110.39
Aaron McKie110.39
Jared Dudley100.39
Carlos Boozer130.39
Antonio McDyess140.39
Chris Andersen120.39
Mark Jackson110.39
Stacey Augmon120.39
Peja Stojakovic130.38
Richard Jefferson160.38
Dale Davis130.38
Ron Harper80.38
George Lynch120.38
Matt Bonner110.38
Danilo Gallinari80.38
Wally Szczerbiak100.38
Rod Strickland110.38
Hersey Hawkins80.38
Mike Bibby140.37
Al Harrington140.37
Vladimir Radmanovic110.37
Mike Miller150.37
Derrick Coleman100.36
Metta World Peace140.36
Stephen Jackson120.36
Julius Erving100.36
Jason Collins90.36
Nick Anderson70.36
Taj Gibson80.36
Danny Granger90.36
Jrue Holiday80.36
Samuel Dalembert120.36
Rasho Nesterovic110.36
Charlie Ward90.36
Thabo Sefolosha110.36
Al Horford90.36
Glen Rice100.35
Stephon Marbury130.35
Brent Barry140.35
J.J. Redick100.35
Caron Butler130.35
Rajon Rondo110.35
Darrell Armstrong120.35
Tyrone Hill100.35
Nick Van Exel130.35
Erick Dampier150.34
Ryan Anderson90.34
Matt Harpring100.34
Eric Bledsoe70.34
Rudy Gay110.34
Antonio Davis130.34
David Lee120.34
Gilbert Arenas90.33
Tim Thomas120.33
Jamal Crawford170.33
James Posey120.33
Bobby Jackson120.33
Kirk Hinrich130.33
Trevor Ariza130.33
Sam Perkins80.33
Avery Johnson110.33
Al Jefferson130.33
Terrell Brandon90.33
Kendall Gill110.33
John Wall70.32
Terry Porter90.32
Damian Lillard50.32
Travis Best100.32
John Starks90.32
DeMarcus Cousins70.32
Avery Bradley60.32
Ty Lawson80.31
Roy Hibbert90.31
Jimmy Butler50.31
Jerry Stackhouse150.31
Corey Maggette130.31
Corliss Williamson110.31
Chris Mills90.31
Antoine Walker120.31
Courtney Lee90.31
Lucious Harris120.31
Ruben Patterson80.31
Jon Barry110.31
Wesley Matthews80.31
Damon Stoudamire130.31
Dennis Rodman60.31
David Wesley130.30
Beno Udrih130.30
Rik Smits70.30
Rafer Alston90.30
Larry Johnson80.30
Danny Manning90.30
Chuck Hayes90.30
Iman Shumpert60.30
Malik Rose130.30
Ben Gordon100.29
Steve Smith120.29
Rick Fox110.29
Nicolas Batum90.29
Wesley Person110.29
Al-Farouq Aminu70.29
Steve Blake130.29
Walt Williams100.29
Patrick Beverley50.29
Patrick Patterson70.29
Jamaal Tinsley100.28
Calbert Cheaney120.28
Mario Chalmers80.28
Keith Van Horn90.28
Derek Anderson100.28
C.J. Miles100.28
Nate Robinson100.28
Mike James80.28
Glenn Robinson120.28
Chandler Parsons60.28
Desmond Mason90.28
Jae Crowder50.28
Keyon Dooling110.28
Isaiah Thomas60.28
Charles Oakley100.28
Udonis Haslem110.28
Eric Piatkowski110.27
Eric Williams90.27
Danny Ferry100.27
Khris Middleton50.27
Othella Harrington100.27
Quentin Richardson120.27
Grant Long100.27
Andrew DeClercq80.27
Rodney Rogers120.27
Michael Redd100.27
Anthony Parker60.27
Marvin Williams120.27
Eduardo Najera90.27
Leandro Barbosa130.26
Clyde Drexler50.26
Amar'e Stoudemire130.26
Greg Buckner100.26
Brian Grant110.26
Corey Brewer90.26
Ervin Johnson110.26
Chris Wilcox110.26
Speedy Claxton60.26
Elden Campbell110.26
Raja Bell100.26
Bobby Phills70.26
Anthony Tolliver80.26
Larry Hughes120.25
Reggie Jackson60.25
Donyell Marshall130.25
Robin Lopez90.25
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope40.25
Latrell Sprewell120.25
Bobby Simmons60.25
Derrick McKey80.25
Jerome Kersey70.25
Rodney Stuckey100.25
DeMarre Carroll60.25
Tiago Splitter60.25
Jason Thompson80.25
Dan Majerle90.25
C.J. Watson90.24
Anthony Davis50.24
C.J. McCollum40.24
Lindsey Hunter130.24
Patty Mills60.24
Morris Peterson100.24
Gordon Hayward70.24
Mehmet Okur90.24
Jared Jeffries90.24
Mario Elie80.24
James Jones100.24
Luis Scola100.24
Lou Williams110.24
Luc Mbah a Moute90.24
Mo Williams130.23
Devean George90.23
Steve Kerr90.23
Jerome Williams80.23
Jeff Teague80.23
Lorenzen Wright110.23
Antonio Daniels120.23
Derrick Rose70.23
Chris Duhon90.23
Darius Songaila70.23
Stromile Swift80.23
Tyrone Corbin70.23
Joel Przybilla100.23
Shaun Livingston110.23
Vinny Del Negro80.22
Kendrick Perkins120.22
Kevin Martin120.22
Vin Baker110.22
Omer Asik70.22
Kris Humphries120.22
Scott Williams90.22
Nazr Mohammed130.22
Darius Miles60.22
Chris Childs80.22
Nate McMillan40.22
Brandon Roy50.22
Cuttino Mobley100.22
Dennis Scott70.22
Jeremy Lin60.22
Shandon Anderson100.22
Reggie Evans120.22
Tony Battie110.21
Tom Gugliotta120.21
Marko Jaric70.21
Emeka Okafor90.21
Damon Jones90.21
Darren Collison80.21
Terry Mills60.21
J.J. Barea100.21
Eddie House110.21
Allan Houston120.21
Anthony Mason90.21
Andris Biedrins80.21
Otis Thorpe80.21
Anthony Morrow80.20
Marquis Daniels100.20
Kosta Koufos80.20
Kevin Willis100.20
Ersan Ilyasova90.20
Sean Elliott70.20
John Salmons120.20
Jalen Rose120.20
Chris Kaman120.20
Jason Maxiell90.20
Jamal Mashburn110.20
Delonte West80.20
Keith Bogans90.20
Dana Barros90.20
Hot Rod Williams60.20
Kelvin Cato80.20
Jim Jackson130.20
Johnny Newman90.20
Adrian Griffin60.20
Kemba Walker60.20
Ramon Sessions100.20
Brian Cardinal60.20
Kenneth Faried60.19
Jose Calderon120.19
Kerry Kittles70.19
Corie Blount110.19
Juwan Howard160.19
Derrick Favors70.19
Bob Sura100.19
Cedric Ceballos70.19
Markieff Morris60.19
Adam Keefe80.19
Mikki Moore80.19
Tracy Murray90.19
Fred Hoiberg80.19
DeMar DeRozan80.18
Greg Anthony90.18
Ronnie Brewer70.18
Greg Monroe70.18
Brian Skinner100.18
Randy Foye110.18
Adonal Foyle110.18
Brandon Bass100.18
Kevin Johnson50.18
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist40.18
Bonzi Wells90.18
Scot Pollard60.18
Jaren Jackson40.18
Darrell Arthur80.18
Marcus Morris50.18
Joe Dumars60.18
Dell Curry90.18
Daniel Gibson70.18
Anthony Peeler120.18
Arron Afflalo100.18
Scott Burrell70.18
Alvin Williams70.18
Lamond Murray110.18
James Johnson80.18
Ronnie Price90.18
Nick Young100.18
Anthony Johnson120.18
Kenny Thomas80.18
Jarron Collins70.17
Austin Croshere90.17
Kyrie Irving60.17
Dan Gadzuric80.17
Cody Zeller40.17
Sean Rooks100.17
Brook Lopez80.17
Luke Ridnour120.17
Nikola Pekovic50.17
Sasha Vujacic90.17
Jonas Jerebko70.17
Chris Gatling90.17
Dorell Wright80.17
Chucky Atkins100.17
Robert Traylor70.17
Wilson Chandler80.17
Luke Walton80.17
Raef LaFrentz60.17
Erick Strickland90.17
Ryan Bowen70.17
Sasha Pavlovic90.17
Rasual Butler120.17
Muggsy Bogues60.17
Travis Outlaw100.17
Clarence Weatherspoon120.17
Dale Ellis70.17
Gheorghe Muresan40.16
Sebastian Telfair90.16
Omri Casspi80.16
Kwame Brown100.16
Lavoy Allen60.16
Matthew Dellavedova40.16
Malik Allen80.16
Chase Budinger70.16
Greivis Vasquez60.16
Martell Webster80.16
Anthony Carter100.16
Dante Cunningham80.16
Isaiah Rider80.16
Jerome James50.16
Jodie Meeks70.16
Matt Geiger80.16
Trevor Booker70.16
Ricky Davis110.16
Ronny Turiaf70.16
Rudy Gobert40.16
Popeye Jones60.16
Walter McCarty80.16
Jud Buechler80.16
Howard Eisley110.16
Nenad Krstic70.16
Jamaal Magloire80.16
Timofey Mozgov60.16
Giannis Antetokounmpo40.16
Willie Green110.16
Reggie Williams60.16
Darvin Ham60.15
Charlie Villanueva90.15
Bryant Stith90.15
Jamario Moon40.15
Billy Owens80.15
Tony Delk90.15
Ryan Hollins90.15
Jason Smith90.15
Felton Spencer50.15
LaPhonso Ellis90.15
Brian Cook60.15
Kevin Ollie80.15
Ekpe Udoh40.15
Sherman Douglas70.15
Scott Padgett60.15
Rex Chapman70.15
Mark Madsen70.15
Harvey Grant60.15
Andre Roberson30.15
Matt Bullard70.15
Brandon Jennings80.15
Aaron Williams90.15
Kelly Olynyk40.15
Luc Longley70.15
Shareef Abdur-Rahim110.15
Vitaly Potapenko80.15
Aaron Brooks90.15
Oliver Miller70.15
Eric Gordon80.15
Jason Williams110.15
Mickael Pietrus90.15
Darrick Martin60.15
Ron Mercer70.15
George McCloud80.15
Greg Minor50.15
Carlos Arroyo70.15
Jannero Pargo80.15
Ian Mahinmi70.15
Will Perdue60.14
Mark Bryant70.14
Michael Curry90.14
Michael Doleac80.14
Bimbo Coles100.14
Spencer Hawes100.14
Matt Carroll70.14
D.J. Augustin90.14
Wayne Ellington70.14
Bradley Beal50.14
Vernon Maxwell80.14
Andrew Bynum70.14
Chris Dudley70.14
Tristan Thompson60.14
Joel Anthony70.14
Jordan Farmar80.14
Derek Strong70.14
Ronald Murray70.14
A.C. Green80.14
Dee Brown80.14
Rodney Hood30.14
DeShawn Stevenson120.14
Michael Smith70.14
Hubert Davis90.14
Mark Price40.14
Don Reid70.14
Brandan Wright60.14
Josh McRoberts60.14
Francisco Garcia90.14
Shelvin Mack60.13
Gordan Giricek60.13
Carl Landry80.13
O.J. Mayo80.13
Olden Polynice80.13
Landry Fields30.13
Brian Scalabrine80.13
Andre Drummond50.13
Todd MacCulloch40.13
Ime Udoka40.13
Marcus Thornton80.13
Keon Clark50.13
Linas Kleiza60.13
Earl Boykins90.13
Lance Stephenson50.13
Randy Brown80.13
Glen Davis80.13
Jared Sullinger40.13
Sam Mitchell90.13
Voshon Lenard80.13
Roger Mason60.13
Drew Gooden110.13
Terry Cummings60.13
T.J. Ford70.13
Nikola Mirotic30.13
Gerald Green70.13
Nikola Jokic20.13
P.J. Tucker50.13
Buck Williams50.13
Brent Price50.13
Armen Gilliam70.13
Jarrett Jack110.12
Ish Smith60.12
Troy Murphy110.12
Larry Sanders50.12
Vincent Askew50.12
Andres Nocioni70.12
Francisco Elson70.12
Melvin Ely50.12
Eric Murdock60.12
Dion Waiters50.12
Robert Covington30.12
Jacque Vaughn100.12
DeSagana Diop60.12
Etan Thomas60.12
David Benoit50.12
Malik Sealy70.12
Doug Overton70.12
Andray Blatche80.12
Bill Wennington60.12
Brian Shaw90.12
Jerryd Bayless80.12
Chris Mullin70.12
Monty Williams60.12
Tyronn Lue90.12
Pablo Prigioni40.12
Gerald Henderson70.12
Tyreke Evans80.12
Evan Fournier50.12
Mark Blount80.12
Jim McIlvaine50.12
Luther Head60.12
Cherokee Parks70.12
Jason Caffey70.12
Byron Scott40.12
Chris Morris60.12
Kevin Seraphin70.11
Darko Milicic70.11
Derek Harper60.11
Steve Novak40.11
Jake Voskuhl50.11
Damien Wilkins90.11
Cory Joseph40.11
Travis Knight50.11
Chris Whitney70.11
Mark West50.11
Tony Snell40.11
Kristaps Porzingis20.11
Marco Belinelli90.11
Mitchell Butler60.11
Ryan Gomes70.11
Carlos Delfino80.11
Tony Massenburg100.11
Josh Childress60.11
Gorgui Dieng40.11
Dahntay Jones80.11
Pete Chilcutt70.11
Steven Hunter60.11
Victor Oladipo40.11
Quinton Ross60.11
Keith Askins50.11
Lee Nailon50.11
Casey Jacobsen40.11
Maurice Evans70.11
Alan Henderson110.11
Elliot Perry70.11
Toney Douglas60.11
Donatas Motiejunas50.11
Jarvis Hayes70.11
Alec Burks60.11
Michael Ruffin60.11
Marcus Smart30.11
Lou Amundson50.10
Marc Jackson70.10
B.J. Armstrong60.10
Trenton Hassell90.10
Robert Pack80.10
Devin Brown70.10
Moochie Norris60.10
Tyrus Thomas60.10
Milt Palacio60.10
Juan Dixon70.10
Marreese Speights90.10
Shelden Williams60.10
Jason Kapono70.10
Daequan Cook60.10
Kyle O'Quinn50.10
Eddie Robinson50.10
DerMarr Johnson50.10
Otto Porter30.10
Danny Fortson60.10
Nikola Vucevic60.10
Eddy Curry70.10
Matt Maloney40.10
Elfrid Payton30.10
Charlie Bell50.10
Jeremy Lamb40.10
Greg Foster80.10
Ed Davis70.10
Troy Hudson90.10
Tyler Hansbrough60.10
Chris Carr50.10
Andrea Bargnani100.10
Quincy Pondexter40.10
Bison Dele50.10
Gary Trent70.10
Royal Ivey60.10
J.R. Reid60.10
Craig Smith60.09
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf60.09
Shammond Williams50.09
Ira Newble50.09
Isaac Austin50.09
Alan Anderson50.09
Jon Leuer50.09
Rudy Fernandez40.09
Marcus Banks50.09
Chris Mihm60.09
Dean Garrett50.09
Aron Baynes40.09
Terrence Ross50.09
Luke Babbitt60.09
Mirza Teletovic50.09
Bryant Reeves60.09
Duane Ferrell50.09
Harrison Barnes50.09
Chucky Brown60.09
Evan Turner70.09
Fabricio Oberto50.09
Dion Glover50.09
Jeff McInnis100.09
Shawne Williams60.09
Rashad McCants40.09
Pat Garrity70.09
Ricky Pierce50.09
Wesley Johnson70.09
Jusuf Nurkic30.09
Aaron Gray50.09
Andrew Lang50.09
Tyler Zeller50.09
Terry Dehere50.09
Dennis Schroder40.09
Ben McLemore40.09
Doug West60.09
Todd Day50.09
Julian Wright40.09
Joey Graham50.09
Michael Beasley80.09
Bostjan Nachbar50.08
Charles Smith40.08
Bismack Biyombo60.08
Jeff Malone30.08
Tobias Harris60.08
Sergio Rodriguez50.08
Emanual Davis40.08
Jake Tsakalidis50.08
Marty Conlon40.08
Jeff Green90.08
Will Bynum60.08
Kenny Smith40.08
A.J. Price40.08
Garrett Temple50.08
Lee Mayberry50.08
Dan Dickau40.08
DeJuan Blair50.08
Chuck Person50.08
Steven Adams40.08
Jumaine Jones50.08
Antoine Carr50.08
Alonzo Gee60.08
Khalid Reeves40.08
Johan Petro70.08
Jordan Hill70.08
Craig Ehlo40.08
Hassan Whiteside30.08
Donte Greene40.08
Fred Jones60.08
Michael Cage50.08
John Thomas40.08
David Wingate50.08
Donald Royal40.08
Kevin Edwards60.08
Lance Thomas50.08
Joe Wolf40.08
Donnell Harvey30.08
Trey Burke40.08
Eric Montross70.08
Kyle Singler40.08
John Wallace60.08
John Crotty50.08
E'Twaun Moore50.08
Jonas Valanciunas50.08
James Anderson40.08
Stanislav Medvedenko40.08
Tom Hammonds60.08
John Lucas III30.08
Michael Olowokandi80.08
Haywoode Workman40.08
Lawrence Funderburke50.07
Tyus Edney30.07
Rodrigue Beaubois40.07
Spud Webb30.07
Willie Anderson30.07
Karl-Anthony Towns20.07
Alexis Ajinca40.07
Dickey Simpkins50.07
Pero Antic20.07
JaVale McGee60.07
Brandon Rush70.07
Enes Kanter60.07
Joe Kleine40.07
David Wood30.07
Rick Brunson40.07
Kevin Gamble40.07
James Robinson60.07
Smush Parker40.07
Norris Cole50.07
Jamie Feick40.07
Sean Higgins20.07
Felipe Lopez40.07
Gary Neal60.07
Leon Powe30.07
Bryce Drew40.07
Reggie Slater30.07
Jeff Withey30.07
Maurice Taylor80.07
Josh Boone40.07
Anthony Randolph50.07
Jayson Williams60.07
Tyrone Nesby40.07
Chris Douglas-Roberts40.07
Ryan Kelly30.07
Shannon Brown50.07
Rodney Carney40.07
Miles Plumlee40.07
Anthony Goldwire40.07
Mark Davis40.07
Gustavo Ayon30.07
Chris Quinn30.07
Jason Hart50.07
Mardy Collins40.07
Kirk Snyder40.07
Tariq Abdul-Wahad50.07
Zeljko Rebraca40.06
Blue Edwards50.06
Jon Koncak30.06
Dante Exum20.06
Tony Smith40.06
Ed Pinckney30.06
Austin Rivers50.06
Josh Richardson20.06
J.J. Hickson80.06
Aaron Gordon30.06
Carlos Rogers50.06
Duane Causwell40.06
Danny Ainge20.06
Hilton Armstrong40.06
Danny Schayes30.06
Xavier Henry40.06
Derrick Williams60.06
Tarik Black30.06
Mike Sweetney30.06
Jahidi White40.06
Meyers Leonard40.06
Rick Mahorn30.06
Cory Alexander40.06
Calvin Booth40.06
Clint Capela20.06
Thomas Robinson50.06
Eric Maynor30.06
Solomon Hill30.06
Xavier McDaniel30.06
Brian Roberts50.06
Mason Plumlee40.06
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson20.06
Rony Seikaly50.06
Gary Grant30.06
Michael Dickerson30.06
Henry Walker40.06
Herb Williams30.06
Rodney White30.06
Andrew Nicholson40.06
Renaldo Balkman30.06
Chris Johnson30.06
Jeffery Taylor30.06
Charles Jones30.06
Kareem Rush50.06
Von Wafer30.06
Terry Davis40.06
Robert Parish40.06
Langston Galloway30.06
Brad Lohaus30.06
Predrag Drobnjak40.06
Hakim Warrick80.06
Austin Daye40.06
Samaki Walker80.06
Sam Mack40.06
Cartier Martin30.06
Stephen Graham30.06
Bobby Hurley50.06
Greg Graham30.06
Dewayne Dedmon30.06
Mark Strickland40.06
Larry Nance Jr.20.06
Ledell Eackles30.06
Nick Calathes20.06
Carl Herrera40.06
Don MacLean40.06
Allen Crabbe30.05
Will Barton40.05
Alexey Shved30.05
Vladimir Stepania30.05
Pervis Ellison40.05
Doc Rivers30.05
Scott Brooks30.05
Jonathan Bender30.05
Maurice Harkless50.05
Lionel Simmons40.05
Rex Walters40.05
Alton Lister30.05
Todd Fuller30.05
John Amaechi40.05
Dino Radja40.05
Vern Fleming30.05
Norman Powell20.05
Eldridge Recasner50.05
Gerald Wilkins40.05
Shawn Respert30.05
Quincy Lewis30.05
Festus Ezeli30.05
Eddie Johnson40.05
Justise Winslow20.05
Jimmer Fredette40.05
Yakhouba Diawara30.05
Shabazz Napier30.05
Quincy Acy40.05
Sedale Threatt30.05
Chris Singleton20.05
Zan Tabak30.05
David Harrison30.05
Kendall Marshall40.05
Tim Legler20.05
Joel Freeland30.05
Junior Harrington30.05
Kyle Anderson20.05
Brandon Knight60.05
Stanley Roberts20.05
Anthony Bonner20.05
Courtney Alexander30.05
Jonathon Simmons20.05
Richaun Holmes20.05
Mike Muscala30.05
Mario Hezonja20.05
Lonny Baxter30.05
Justin Holiday30.05
Sarunas Marciulionis20.05
Mickael Gelabale30.05
Evan Eschmeyer10.05
Salim Stoudamire30.05
Kyrylo Fesenko20.05
Michael Carter-Williams40.05
Chris Crawford40.05
Dominic McGuire40.05
Lorenzo Williams30.05
Greg Oden20.05
Zoran Planinic30.05
Tyler Johnson30.05
Marcus Williams30.05
Justin Anderson20.05
Wayman Tisdale40.05
Loren Woods30.05
Yi Jianlian40.05
Pooh Richardson50.05
Linton Johnson30.05
Marcus Fizer50.05
Jerami Grant30.05
Primoz Brezec40.05
Jiri Welsch30.04
Jon Brockman20.04
Cedric Henderson40.04
Eddie Griffin40.04
Anthony Bowie30.04
James Singleton30.04
Tony Campbell20.04
Joe Ingles30.04
James Ennis20.04
Keith Jennings20.04
Tim Frazier20.04
John Salley30.04
Chris Anstey30.04
Acie Earl30.04
Derrick Brown30.04
Robbie Hummel20.04
Cole Aldrich30.04
Josh Powell50.04
Greg Stiemsma30.04
Solomon Jones40.04
Pete Myers30.04
Ike Diogu30.04
Ansu Sesay20.04
Sarunas Jasikevicius20.04
Trey Lyles20.04
Anthony Avent30.04
Richie Frahm20.04
Joey Dorsey20.04
Darius Miller20.04
Laron Profit20.04
Randy Livingston20.04
Kenny Satterfield20.04
Raul Lopez20.04
Antonio Harvey20.04
Greg Dreiling20.04
Mike Scott30.04
Alex Len30.04
Zarko Cabarkapa30.04
Acie Law30.04
Elijah Millsap10.04
Antoine Wright40.04
Thurl Bailey20.04
Darrin Hancock20.04
Negele Knight20.04
Will Solomon20.04
Kenny Gattison30.04
Nemanja Bjelica20.04
Cal Bowdler20.04
Chris Copeland20.04
Walter Herrmann20.04
Anthony Miller20.04
D.J. White20.04
Trajan Langdon20.04
Donald Hodge20.04
Mark Macon20.04
Wang Zhizhi20.04
Ivan Johnson20.04
Rumeal Robinson20.04
Jeff Ayres20.04
Jan Vesely30.04
Greg Sutton20.04
Clifford Rozier30.04
Eric Mobley20.04
LaSalle Thompson20.04
Terrence Jones40.04
Sonny Weems30.04
Alexander Johnson20.04
Phil Pressey20.04
Dontonio Wingfield20.04
Jelani McCoy30.04
Gary Forbes20.04
Hanno Mottola20.04
Sleepy Floyd20.04
Ray McCallum30.04
J.R. Bremer20.04
Jordan Crawford50.04
Mike Wilks20.04
Willie Reed20.04
Willie Burton20.04
Mark Pope20.04
Harold Ellis20.04
Hasheem Thabeet20.04
Kelenna Azubuike30.04
Emmanuel Mudiay20.04
Tony Dumas20.04
Keith McLeod30.04
Daniel Santiago20.03
Dwight Powell20.03
Tyler Ennis30.03
Vonteego Cummings30.03
Kelly Oubre20.03
Willie Cauley-Stein20.03
Sam Young30.03
Jackson Vroman20.03
Frank Brickowski20.03
T.J. McConnell20.03
Jackie Butler10.03
Lloyd Daniels20.03
Rafael Addison20.03
Kent Bazemore40.03
Eric Riley20.03
Jerome Moiso20.03
Benoit Benjamin30.03
Tierre Brown20.03
Travis Diener20.03
Gerard King20.03
Dominique Wilkins30.03
Michael Adams20.03
Derrick Alston20.03
Robert Sacre20.03
Lawrence Moten20.03
Qyntel Woods20.03
John Williams20.03
Ian Clark20.03
Rodney Buford30.03
Tim Perry20.03
Bill Cartwright20.03
Jeremy Evans20.03
Frank Kaminsky20.03
Brandon Davies20.03
T.J. Warren30.03
Jerian Grant20.03
Rashad Vaughn20.03
Raul Neto10.03
Jeff Adrien20.03
Daniel Ewing20.03
Kedrick Brown20.03
Samardo Samuels20.03
Morlon Wiley10.03
Perry Jones20.03
William Avery20.03
Keith Closs20.03
Chris Smith20.03
Tyus Jones20.03
Terence Morris20.03
Al Thornton40.03
Isaiah Canaan30.03
Earl Clark40.03
Shane Larkin30.03
Manny Harris20.03
Chris Herren20.03
Nate Wolters10.03
Josh Harrellson10.03
Greg Anderson30.03
Cameron Payne20.03
Loy Vaught60.03
Reggie Bullock20.03
Chris Robinson20.03
Javaris Crittenton20.03
K.J. McDaniels20.03
Nando De Colo20.03
John Henson50.03
Eric Leckner20.03
Stanley Johnson20.03
Donald Sloan30.03
Sasha Danilovic20.03
Darnell Jackson20.03
Roshown McLeod20.03
Noah Vonleh20.03
Hollis Thompson40.03
Harold Miner20.03
Rafael Araujo20.03
Jorge Garbajosa10.03
Doron Lamb20.03
Cory Jefferson10.03
Kyle Weaver10.03
Jason Collier20.03
Shabazz Muhammad30.03
A.J. Guyton20.03
Larry Stewart10.03
Tom Chambers20.03
Stacey King20.03
Andrew Wiggins30.02
Obinna Ekezie10.02
Jordan Williams10.02
Loren Meyer20.02
Reggie Geary10.02
Henry Sims20.02
Zendon Hamilton20.02
Stojko Vrankovic20.02
Jeff Turner20.02
Tony Farmer10.02
Michael Stewart10.02
Lawrence Roberts10.02
Paul McPherson10.02
Seth Curry20.02
Charles Jenkins20.02
Terrence Williams20.02
Troy Daniels20.02
Juaquin Hawkins10.02
Bob Martin10.02
Rusty LaRue20.02
John Jenkins20.02
Mike Brown10.02
Corey Benjamin20.02
Roy Tarpley10.02
Adam Morrison20.02
Reggie Jordan10.02
Jabari Parker30.02
Viktor Khryapa20.02
George Zidek10.02
Boban Marjanovic10.02
David Andersen10.02
Ed O'Bannon20.02
Archie Goodwin30.02
Sharone Wright30.02
Chris Hunter10.02
Dan Langhi20.02
Mitch McGary10.02
Alton Ford10.02
Byron Mullens30.02
Damjan Rudez10.02
MarShon Brooks20.02
Jeremy Pargo20.02
Jerald Honeycutt10.02
Bob McCann10.02
Jimmy King10.02
LaBradford Smith10.02
Randolph Keys10.02
Randy Woods10.02
Tellis Frank10.02
Johnny Dawkins20.02
Jeff Grayer20.02
Bobby Brown20.02
Antonio Lang10.02
Mateen Cleaves10.02
Markel Brown20.02
Marcelo Huertas10.02
Sean May10.02
Ken Norman30.02
Alaa Abdelnaby10.02
Antonio Burks10.02
Cliff Levingston10.02
Jamie Watson10.02
Junior Burrough10.02
Marlon Maxey10.02
Mike Peplowski10.02
Tim Breaux10.02
Trevor Wilson10.02
Yinka Dare10.02
Art Long10.02
Bojan Bogdanovic30.02
Esteban Batista10.02
Shavlik Randolph10.02
JaMychal Green20.02
Allan Ray10.02
Corey Beck10.02
Eddie Gill10.02
Jeryl Sasser10.02
Brad Daugherty10.02
Oleksiy Pecherov10.02
Doug Smith20.02
Byron Houston10.02
Frank Johnson10.02
Ivano Newbill10.02
Brian Evans10.02
Brooks Thompson10.02
Travis Hansen10.02
Bill Curley10.02
Chris Corchiani10.02
Kurt Rambis10.02
LeRon Ellis10.02
Tree Rollins10.02
Nik Stauskas30.02
P.J. Hairston20.02
Tony Bennett10.02
Anthony Tucker10.02
Steve Colter10.02
James Donaldson10.02
James Edwards10.02
Jimmy Oliver10.02
Richard Dumas10.02
Ryan Lorthridge10.02
Tremaine Fowlkes10.02
Pat Durham10.02
B.J. Tyler10.02
Jermaine Jackson10.02
Stephen Howard10.02
Spencer Dinwiddie20.02
Ronald Dupree20.02
Justin Hamilton20.02
Johnny Taylor10.02
Jonny Flynn30.02
David Vanterpool10.02
Amal McCaskill10.02
Warren Kidd10.02
Dwayne Jones10.02
Sergey Karasev10.02
Greg Smith10.02
Moses Malone10.02
Mark Hendrickson10.02
Kenny Williams10.02
Hassan Adams10.02
Gary Harris30.02
Walter Bond10.02
Carl Thomas10.02
Jerome Allen10.02
Chris Richard10.02
Quincy Miller10.02
Jared Cunningham10.02
Lynn Greer10.02
Sam Bowie20.02
Bobby Portis20.02
Donta Smith10.02
Erick Green10.02
Ray Owes10.02
Bernard Robinson10.02
Sean Kilpatrick20.02
Doug McDermott20.02
Rolando Blackman10.02
Nerlens Noel30.02
JaKarr Sampson20.02
Travis Wear10.02
Miroslav Raduljica10.02
Donell Taylor10.02
Brandon Armstrong10.02
Maceo Baston10.02
Martin Muursepp10.02
John Battle10.02
Diante Garrett10.02
Nathan Jawai10.02
Andre Barrett10.02
Joe Alexander10.02
Vincent Yarbrough10.02
Doug Edwards10.02
Greg Grant10.02
Jo Jo English10.02
Larry Krystkowiak10.02
Rod Higgins10.02
Terrence Rencher10.02
Orlando Johnson10.02
Roko Ukic10.02
Tarence Kinsey10.02
Curtis Borchardt10.02
Ryan Humphrey10.02
Eugene Jeter10.02
Cory Higgins10.02
Bobby Jones10.02
Quincy Douby10.02
DeJuan Wheat10.02
Anthony Bennett20.02
Sam Jacobson10.02
James White10.02
Bernard James10.02
Adrian Caldwell10.02
Ben Uzoh10.02
Sean Lampley10.02
Joe Harris20.02
Lorenzo Brown10.02
Nolan Smith10.02
Wayne Simien10.02
Andrew Goudelock10.02
Myles Turner20.01
Dalibor Bagaric10.01
Brandon Hunter10.01
Victor Alexander20.01
Dedric Willoughby10.01
Mike Taylor10.01
Fat Lever10.01
Mark Aguirre10.01
Brett Szabo10.01
Toby Bailey10.01
DaJuan Summers10.01
Orien Greene10.01
Anthony Brown10.01
Marcus Haislip10.01
Rodrick Rhodes10.01
Keith Booth10.01
Justin Reed10.01
Sean Marks10.01
Frank Williams10.01
DeQuan Jones10.01
Juan Carlos Navarro10.01
Kim English10.01
Kornel David20.01
Melvin Booker10.01
David Vaughn10.01
Joffrey Lauvergne20.01
Magic Johnson10.01
Adreian Payne20.01
Jordan Hamilton10.01
Micheal Williams10.01
Mengke Bateer10.01
Donny Marshall10.01
Jeremy Tyler10.01
Ashraf Amaya10.01
Arnett Moultrie10.01
Scott Skiles20.01
Luke Harangody10.01
Lionel Chalmers10.01
Chris Porter10.01
Darius Morris10.01
Kevin Duckworth20.01
Vitor Faverani10.01
Earl Barron10.01
Lazar Hayward10.01
Sean Williams10.01
Larry Robinson10.01
Johnny O'Bryant10.01
Semih Erden10.01
Kostas Papanikolaou10.01
Larry Nance10.01
Cedric Simmons10.01
Furkan Aldemir10.01
Rob Kurz10.01
Robert Swift10.01
David Noel10.01
Christian Eyenga10.01
Victor Claver10.01
Michael Bradley10.01
Alvin Robertson10.01
Damion James10.01
Cory Carr10.01
Jawad Williams10.01
Mike Penberthy10.01
Jordan Clarkson30.01
Sundiata Gaines10.01
Marquis Teague10.01
Ennis Whatley10.01
Cleanthony Early10.01
Oscar Torres10.01
Pape Sow10.01
Henry James10.01
Theron Smith10.01
Chris Jefferies10.01
Khalid El-Amin10.01
Matt Freije10.01
Dragan Tarlac10.01
Nikoloz Tskitishvili10.01
Jermaine Taylor10.01
Mike Batiste10.01
Jay Humphries10.01
Kenny Walker10.01
Devin Booker20.01
Dajuan Wagner20.01
D'Angelo Russell20.01
Tom Tolbert10.01
Jabari Smith10.01
Eric Washington20.01
Ed Gray10.01
Winston Garland10.01
Roy Rogers10.01
Jay Williams10.01
James Worthy10.01
Pat Burke10.00
Zach LaVine30.00
Elmore Spencer10.00
Trevor Ruffin10.00
Chris King10.00
Jahlil Okafor20.00
Julius Randle20.00
Elliot Williams10.00
Tony Wroten20.00
Isiah Thomas10.00
Orlando Woolridge10.00
Jabari Brown10.00

Some important caveats: Four different kinds of adjusted plus-minus were used. APM is not a player ranker, but instead a measurement, just like field goal percentage, only it measures the “most likely” correlation between a player’s presence and the team’s net point differential. Different APM’s can vary somewhat depending on methodological choices — using a different data set would yield slightly different results for some players. APM does not account for scalability, nor did this exercise.

Also, since APM is a measure of conditional value, the best seasons on record likely overstate the CORP of a player on a random team, who might not have an environment in which he is so important. Similarly, some low-minute players with large APM values (a per 100 stat) are also likely overstated by this method, even with the minute per game weighting, as I’ve made no attempt to arbitrarily devalue such seasons.

I’ve included individual seasons below. Kevin Garnett’s heralded 2004 season is the best plus-minus season on record, along with a number of LeBron James years. You can sort the table by clicking on its headers and search players using the field in the upper right, so if you wanted to view all of Kobe Bryant’s or Steph Curry’s seasons, type their name in the search field and sort the table by year.

PlayerSeasonWeighted ValueHealthCORP
Kevin Garnett2003-
LeBron James2009-108.30.938.63%
LeBron James2016-178.20.937.08%
LeBron James2015-167.50.931.33%
Draymond Green2015-
LeBron James2008-
Draymond Green2016-176.90.926.74%
LeBron James2014-157.00.826.15%
Tim Duncan2000-
Shaquille O'Neal2000-016.70.925.77%
Kevin Garnett2002-
Shaquille O'Neal1999-
David Robinson1994-956.51.025.13%
Dwyane Wade2009-106.60.924.77%
Stephen Curry2015-
Stephen Curry2016-
Chris Paul2015-166.30.922.87%
Dirk Nowitzki2010-116.20.922.51%
LeBron James2006-
Tim Duncan2006-
Kevin Durant2015-166.10.921.48%
LeBron James2013-145.90.920.62%
Chris Paul2016-176.10.719.50%
Chris Paul2014-
Kevin Garnett2007-085.70.919.13%
Kevin Garnett2006-075.70.919.07%
Kobe Bryant2007-
Kevin Garnett1999-
Kevin Durant2016-175.80.818.70%
Stephen Curry2014-
LeBron James2012-135.60.918.45%
LeBron James2007-085.50.918.07%
LeBron James2010-
Chris Paul2013-145.70.817.70%
Dwyane Wade2005-065.40.917.57%
Tim Duncan2001-
Gary Payton1999-
Alonzo Mourning1998-995.30.917.00%
Tim Duncan2002-
Dwyane Wade2008-
Shaquille O'Neal2003-045.50.816.76%
David Robinson1993-945.11.016.61%
Shaquille O'Neal1998-995.11.016.46%
Steve Nash2007-
Shaquille O'Neal1997-985.50.716.31%
Shaquille O'Neal2001-025.40.816.15%
Doug Christie2002-
Doug Christie2001-
Christian Laettner1996-975.01.015.99%
James Harden2015-
Kobe Bryant2009-105.10.915.78%
Michael Jordan1996-974.91.015.57%
Shaquille O'Neal2002-035.20.815.47%
Tim Hardaway1996-974.91.015.40%
Kawhi Leonard2016-175.00.915.32%
James Harden2016-
James Harden2012-
Kobe Bryant2008-
Eddie Jones1999-004.90.915.09%
David Robinson1995-964.81.014.95%
Kawhi Leonard2015-164.90.914.95%
Stephen Curry2013-
Kobe Bryant2006-074.90.914.80%
Steve Nash2006-074.90.914.76%
LeBron James2005-
Dikembe Mutombo1999-
Tim Duncan2005-
Andre Iguodala2013-145.00.814.58%
Kobe Bryant2005-
Michael Jordan1995-964.71.014.39%
Kevin Durant2013-
Draymond Green2014-
Dirk Nowitzki2005-
Tim Duncan2007-
Mookie Blaylock1997-984.70.914.14%
Tim Duncan2003-044.90.814.12%
Baron Davis2007-
Chris Paul2008-
Dwight Howard2010-
Dirk Nowitzki2006-
Michael Jordan1997-984.61.013.96%
Baron Davis2006-074.90.813.90%
Scottie Pippen1996-974.61.013.88%
Kyle Lowry2015-164.70.913.86%
Steve Nash2009-
Dirk Nowitzki2007-084.60.913.69%
Dirk Nowitzki2003-044.60.913.61%
Dirk Nowitzki2004-
Antoine Walker2001-
Chris Paul2010-
Lamar Odom2008-
Kevin Garnett1998-994.60.913.39%
Ricky Rubio2016-174.60.913.37%
Dirk Nowitzki2000-
Mookie Blaylock1996-974.41.013.34%
Kevin Garnett1997-984.41.013.31%
Kyle Lowry2016-174.80.713.15%
Ray Allen2000-
Manu Ginobili2010-
Paul Pierce2007-
Mookie Blaylock1998-994.41.013.07%
Jason Kidd2002-
Kevin Garnett2008-094.80.713.01%
Rashard Lewis2008-
Tim Duncan2004-054.60.812.84%
Shaquille O'Neal2004-054.40.912.73%
Steve Nash2010-114.40.912.72%
Shawn Marion2000-
Scottie Pippen1994-954.31.012.68%
Manu Ginobili2004-054.40.912.63%
Kobe Bryant2000-014.60.812.62%
Kevin Garnett2010-114.40.912.61%
Dwyane Wade2010-114.40.912.60%
Jason Kidd2001-
Kyle Korver2015-
John Stockton2000-
Manu Ginobili2007-084.30.912.45%
Grant Hill1999-004.30.912.38%
Tony Parker2012-134.50.812.36%
James Harden2014-
Luol Deng2010-
Russell Westbrook2016-
Vlade Divac1998-994.21.012.23%
Dirk Nowitzki2013-
Rasheed Wallace1999-
Ricky Rubio2015-164.30.912.11%
David Robinson1998-994.11.012.03%
Rasheed Wallace2003-044.40.812.02%
Shaquille O'Neal1994-954.11.012.01%
Russell Westbrook2015-
Brad Miller2004-054.50.711.95%
Anfernee Hardaway1994-954.20.911.85%
Karl Malone1993-944.11.011.81%
Kevin Durant2010-
Dirk Nowitzki2002-
Gilbert Arenas2006-074.20.911.74%
Dwight Howard2009-
Steve Nash2005-
Jason Kidd2003-044.40.811.65%
Alonzo Mourning1997-984.40.711.60%
Steve Nash2008-094.10.911.57%
Chris Bosh2007-084.30.811.50%
Kevin Garnett1996-974.10.911.50%
Kevin Garnett2004-
Grant Hill1997-984.01.011.48%
David Robinson1999-
Anfernee Hardaway1995-964.01.011.47%
Tim Hardaway1997-984.01.011.47%
Patrick Ewing1996-974.01.011.45%
Khris Middleton2015-
Grant Hill1998-994.01.011.43%
Blake Griffin2012-
Kevin Durant2009-
Kevin Garnett2005-064.00.911.29%
Scottie Pippen1995-964.00.911.19%
Klay Thompson2016-
Blake Griffin2013-
Dirk Nowitzki2011-124.00.911.16%
Manu Ginobili2006-074.00.911.13%
Vince Carter1999-
Jason Kidd2004-054.20.811.05%
Karl Malone1994-953.91.011.01%
Tim Duncan1998-993.91.010.99%
Shawn Marion2006-
Hakeem Olajuwon1994-954.00.910.94%
Karl Malone1997-983.81.010.93%
LeBron James2011-124.00.910.93%
Alonzo Mourning1999-
Blake Griffin2011-
Tim Duncan1999-003.90.910.85%
Jason Kidd2008-
Kawhi Leonard2014-154.10.810.84%
Klay Thompson2015-
Ben Wallace2003-
Alonzo Mourning1996-974.10.810.77%
Andrei Kirilenko2005-064.10.810.67%
Deron Williams2009-103.90.910.63%
Rasheed Wallace2002-033.90.910.58%
Jason Collins2004-
Paul George2015-
Kyle Korver2014-153.80.910.55%
Rasheed Wallace1998-993.71.010.52%
Gerald Wallace2010-113.80.910.51%
Chris Bosh2009-103.80.910.50%
Paul George2016-173.80.910.49%
Paul Pierce2004-
Andre Miller2000-
Brad Miller2003-043.80.910.40%
Maurice Cheeks1985-863.71.010.34%
Elton Brand2005-
Shane Battier2005-
Karl Malone1995-963.71.010.30%
Chris Paul2012-133.80.910.27%
Hakeem Olajuwon1993-943.61.010.17%
Brad Miller2005-
Baron Davis2000-
Luol Deng2006-
Vlade Divac1999-
Karl Malone1996-973.61.010.03%
Allen Iverson2007-
Russell Westbrook2012-
Kevin Garnett2012-
Russell Westbrook2014-
Kenyon Martin2001-
Jermaine O'Neal2003-
Tony Parker2011-
Marc Gasol2011-
John Stockton1999-
Jeff Hornacek1996-973.51.09.72%
Bo Outlaw1996-973.51.09.71%
LaMarcus Aldridge2012-
Vlade Divac2001-
Kevin Love2013-
Vince Carter2000-
Manu Ginobili2005-
LaMarcus Aldridge2013-
Patrick Beverley2013-
Antawn Jamison2007-
Kenyon Martin2002-
Vlade Divac1996-973.41.09.45%
Rasheed Wallace2001-
Chris Bosh2010-
Boris Diaw2005-
Rasheed Wallace2005-
Ben Wallace2000-
Eddie Jones1998-993.41.09.41%
Dirk Nowitzki2008-
Ray Allen2009-
Dwyane Wade2006-
Andre Iguodala2014-
Shawn Bradley2000-
Vlade Divac2002-
Chris Webber2000-
Vlade Divac1994-953.41.09.32%
Charles Barkley1988-893.41.09.32%
Mike Conley2013-
John Stockton1995-963.41.09.29%
Gary Payton1997-983.41.09.26%
Reggie Miller1999-
Jason Kidd2005-
Chris Bosh2008-
Chris Paul2011-
Channing Frye2013-
Tim Duncan1997-983.31.09.21%
Chris Webber2001-
Tyson Chandler2007-
Gary Payton1996-973.31.09.16%
Tony Parker2001-
C.J. McCollum2016-
Kyle Korver2016-
Shawn Marion2004-
Rasheed Wallace1997-983.40.99.13%
Jason Kidd1998-993.31.09.08%
Kevin Garnett2001-
Shane Battier2004-
Klay Thompson2014-
C.J. McCollum2015-
Kobe Bryant2002-
Dirk Nowitzki2009-
Kobe Bryant2001-
Charles Barkley1989-903.31.09.00%
Dwyane Wade2012-
Ray Allen2005-
DeMarcus Cousins2016-
DeMarcus Cousins2015-
Nene Hilario2010-
Detlef Schrempf1997-983.21.08.96%
Eric Bledsoe2014-
Reggie Miller1997-983.21.08.93%
Horace Grant1994-953.30.98.93%
Dikembe Mutombo1998-993.21.08.87%
Karl Malone1998-993.21.08.85%
Tim Duncan2009-
Jae Crowder2016-
Chris Webber2002-
Russell Westbrook2013-
Baron Davis2001-
LaMarcus Aldridge2010-
David Robinson2000-
Paul George2012-
Dwight Howard2007-
Jae Crowder2015-
Danny Green2015-
Bo Outlaw1999-
Rasheed Wallace2000-
Brad Miller2007-
Chauncey Billups2006-
Bo Outlaw2000-
Hedo Turkoglu2008-
Serge Ibaka2013-
Yao Ming2008-
Kyle Lowry2013-
Richard Hamilton2004-
Andrew Bogut2009-
Jason Kidd2006-
Toni Kukoc1998-993.20.98.54%
Steve Francis2000-
Elton Brand2004-
LaMarcus Aldridge2009-
Bo Outlaw1997-983.11.08.51%
Marc Gasol2012-
James Harden2011-
Steve Francis2003-
Terry Mills1996-973.11.08.46%
Serge Ibaka2015-
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope2015-
Detlef Schrempf1998-993.11.08.44%
Jason Kidd2009-
Paul Pierce1999-
Paul Pierce2008-
John Stockton1996-973.01.08.39%
Grant Hill1995-963.01.08.38%
Paul Millsap2012-
Danilo Gallinari2012-
Steve Francis2004-
LaMarcus Aldridge2014-
LaMarcus Aldridge2016-
Elton Brand2006-
LaMarcus Aldridge2008-
Ricky Rubio2013-
Shawn Marion2002-
Shaquille O'Neal1996-973.60.68.31%
Paul Millsap2010-
Aaron McKie2000-
Danilo Gallinari2011-
Amir Johnson2012-
Paul Pierce2010-
John Stockton2001-
Karl Malone1999-
Jimmy Butler2016-
Kevin Willis1993-943.01.08.25%
Steve Francis2002-
Dwight Howard2013-
DeAndre Jordan2015-
Jeff Hornacek1997-983.01.08.21%
Ray Allen2008-
Luol Deng2011-
Vince Carter2005-
Andrei Kirilenko2003-
Kevin Love2015-
Anthony Davis2014-
Sam Cassell2003-
Kyle Lowry2014-
Tim Duncan2013-
Tim Hardaway1998-992.91.08.12%
Ben Wallace2005-
Monta Ellis2014-
Robert Horry1997-983.00.98.09%
Derek Anderson2000-
DeAndre Jordan2016-
Mike Conley2012-
Mookie Blaylock1994-952.91.08.05%
Danny Green2016-
Mookie Blaylock1995-962.91.08.04%
Kyle Lowry2010-
Chauncey Billups2007-
Danny Granger2011-
Jason Kidd2007-
Josh Howard2004-
Andre Iguodala2012-
Tracy McGrady2000-
Doug Christie2003-
Nick Collison2010-
Serge Ibaka2016-
Lamar Odom2009-
Damian Lillard2013-
Mike Conley2011-
Kevin Durant2012-
Andre Iguodala2008-
Mike Conley2010-
Antawn Jamison2005-
Kevin Garnett2009-
Ryan Anderson2011-
Chris Paul2007-
Brandon Roy2008-
Goran Dragic2016-
LaMarcus Aldridge2015-
Chris Bosh2006-
Dwight Howard2008-
Nene Hilario2003-
Arvydas Sabonis1997-982.90.97.85%
Joe Johnson2008-
LeBron James2004-
Vince Carter2012-
Gary Payton1998-992.81.07.80%
Steve Nash2004-
Toni Kukoc1997-982.90.97.80%
Taj Gibson2013-
Jason Kidd1999-
Shaquille O'Neal2005-
Andre Miller2005-
Julius Erving1981-822.81.07.78%
Chris Bosh2011-
Sean Elliott1994-952.81.07.76%
Dikembe Mutombo1997-982.81.07.75%
Ray Allen2010-
Hakeem Olajuwon1996-972.81.07.74%
Kevin Durant2014-
Yao Ming2005-
Tim Duncan2010-
Pau Gasol2008-
Clyde Drexler1996-973.10.87.74%
Kevin Garnett2011-
John Wall2014-
Andrei Kirilenko2007-
Hakeem Olajuwon1995-962.90.97.73%
Jimmy Butler2015-
Russell Westbrook2011-
Jermaine O'Neal2001-
Paul Pierce2001-
Tracy McGrady2006-
Marcin Gortat2016-
Scottie Pippen1998-992.81.07.69%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope2016-
Matt Barnes2014-
Joakim Noah2013-
Tim Duncan2008-
Mookie Blaylock1993-942.71.07.65%
Zydrunas Ilgauskas2004-
Chauncey Billups2008-
David Robinson1997-982.90.97.63%
Mike Dunleavy2007-
Vince Carter2013-
Stephen Curry2012-
Paul Pierce2006-
Pau Gasol2010-
Eric Snow2001-
Kevin Love2016-
Arvydas Sabonis1998-992.71.07.60%
James Harden2013-
Nene Hilario2009-
Pau Gasol2007-
Patrick Patterson2015-
Goran Dragic2015-
Nick Anderson1994-952.80.97.56%
Reggie Miller1998-992.71.07.55%
Danny Green2014-
John Stockton1998-992.71.07.54%
Marcin Gortat2013-
John Stockton1994-952.71.07.51%
Ben Wallace2004-
Maurice Cheeks1982-832.71.07.50%
Bobby Simmons2004-
Andrei Kirilenko2004-
George Hill2012-
Lamar Odom2005-
Shawn Marion2007-
Baron Davis2003-
Detlef Schrempf1996-973.10.77.46%
Dirk Nowitzki2015-
Shawn Marion2005-
Nate McMillan1994-952.61.07.42%
John Stockton1997-983.00.87.42%
Andre Miller2003-
Scottie Pippen1997-983.30.57.40%
Tony Parker2005-
Avery Johnson1994-952.61.07.39%
Allen Iverson2005-
Chris Paul2009-
Horace Grant1995-963.00.87.37%
Alonzo Mourning1994-952.70.97.37%
Amir Johnson2013-
Shaquille O'Neal1995-963.00.77.35%
Hedo Turkoglu2007-
Peja Stojakovic2007-
Dikembe Mutombo2000-
Anfernee Hardaway1999-
Taj Gibson2011-
Tony Allen2012-
Tim Duncan2012-
Joe Smith2003-
Manu Ginobili2013-
Chris Webber1998-992.90.87.30%
Rafer Alston2006-
DeAndre Jordan2014-
Marcin Gortat2015-
Andre Miller2004-
John Stockton2002-
Anderson Varejao2009-
Jason Richardson2005-
Chris Webber1997-982.70.97.24%
Michael Finley2002-
Josh Smith2012-
Vince Carter2011-
Pau Gasol2011-
Matt Bonner2011-
Paul Millsap2015-
Joe Johnson2012-
Allen Iverson2000-
Charles Barkley1990-912.90.87.21%
Zach Randolph2014-
Chris Mills1996-972.51.07.20%
Paul Millsap2011-
Charles Barkley1985-862.51.07.19%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2016-
Dikembe Mutombo1993-942.51.07.19%
Eric Snow2002-
Desmond Mason2003-
Manu Ginobili2009-
Rashard Lewis2009-
Paul Millsap2014-
Rod Strickland1994-952.90.87.18%
Vlade Divac1997-982.90.87.16%
Andre Iguodala2016-
Thaddeus Young2012-
Jimmy Butler2014-
Theo Ratliff2003-
Tony Parker2002-
Alvin Williams2001-
Joe Johnson2007-
Jermaine O'Neal2000-
Luol Deng2009-
Joe Johnson2015-
Kenyon Martin2003-
Damian Lillard2016-
Vince Carter2009-
Khris Middleton2014-
Damian Lillard2014-
Tayshaun Prince2007-
Monta Ellis2015-
Marcus Camby2006-
Eric Bledsoe2013-
Sam Cassell2005-
David West2013-
Shane Battier2006-
Rashard Lewis2007-
Carlos Boozer2007-
Mitch Richmond1997-982.60.97.05%
Greg Ostertag2002-
Baron Davis2005-
Mike Conley2014-
Jeff Hornacek1998-992.51.07.04%
Ty Lawson2013-
Tayshaun Prince2006-
Damian Lillard2015-
Grant Hill1996-972.41.07.02%
Chris Webber1996-972.60.97.02%
Josh Smith2009-
Danny Granger2009-
Manu Ginobili2014-
Dwight Howard2005-
John Wall2016-
Ben Gordon2006-
J.J. Redick2016-
Kyle Korver2013-
Vince Carter2007-
Josh Howard2007-
Tony Allen2014-
Paul George2013-
Patrick Ewing1994-952.41.06.96%
Joe Johnson2013-
Andrew Bogut2010-
Christian Laettner1997-982.50.96.94%
Antawn Jamison2006-
Josh Smith2011-
Rasheed Wallace2007-
Tyrone Hill1996-972.50.96.91%
Dirk Nowitzki2012-
DeMarre Carroll2013-
Dennis Scott1995-962.41.06.90%
Dirk Nowitzki2014-
Goran Dragic2013-
Russell Westbrook2009-
DeAndre Jordan2013-
Tyrone Hill1997-982.80.76.88%
Zach Randolph2010-
Chris Bosh2013-
Anthony Parker2006-
Hersey Hawkins1996-972.41.06.87%
Maurice Cheeks1984-852.41.06.87%
Jermaine O'Neal2002-
Patty Mills2016-
Shane Battier2007-
Nate McMillan1993-942.50.96.84%
Serge Ibaka2014-
David Robinson2001-
Gheorghe Muresan1996-972.50.96.82%
Rafer Alston2007-
Joe Johnson2009-
Shawn Bradley1998-992.31.06.82%
Devin Harris2007-
Kevin Love2014-
Charles Barkley1986-872.70.86.81%
Greg Ostertag2003-
Matt Harpring2002-
John Wall2015-
Paul Pierce2005-
Julius Erving1982-832.40.96.78%
Kendall Gill1996-972.31.06.78%
Ron Harper1997-982.31.06.78%
Anfernee Hardaway1996-972.80.76.77%
Charles Barkley1994-952.70.86.77%
Kobe Bryant2010-
Tayshaun Prince2005-
Mike Dunleavy2014-
Josh Smith2010-
Jason Terry2006-
Patrick Patterson2016-
Andre Miller2010-
Danny Green2012-
Josh Howard2006-
Derek Fisher2001-
Mark Jackson1997-982.31.06.71%
Darius Miles2000-
Andre Iguodala2015-
Marcus Camby2009-
David Robinson2002-
J.J. Redick2015-
Mookie Blaylock1999-
Amir Johnson2010-
Mitch Richmond1994-952.31.06.69%
Robert Horry1999-
Paul Millsap2016-
Dikembe Mutombo2001-
Tracy McGrady2004-
Brevin Knight1997-982.31.06.68%
Mike Dunleavy2013-
Nene Hilario2008-
Shaquille O'Neal1993-942.31.06.67%
Toni Kukoc1999-
Horace Grant1996-972.60.86.67%
Karl Malone2000-
Vince Carter2006-
Bobby Simmons2005-
Patrick Ewing1998-992.60.86.66%
Nick Collison2009-
Caron Butler2011-
Klay Thompson2013-
Derrick McKey1995-962.40.96.64%
Dwight Howard2014-
Vince Carter1998-992.21.06.64%
Lamar Odom1999-
Clyde Drexler1995-962.90.66.63%
Chauncey Billups2003-
Iman Shumpert2016-
Dwight Howard2012-
Clyde Drexler1997-982.40.96.61%
Greg Ostertag1996-972.40.96.61%
Tracy McGrady2005-
Yao Ming2003-
Yao Ming2006-
Dwight Howard2006-
Shawn Marion2003-
Thaddeus Young2008-
Thabo Sefolosha2012-
Patty Mills2015-
Eddie Jones2005-
Luol Deng2012-
Kenny Anderson2001-
Eddie Jones1997-982.21.06.58%
J.R. Smith2008-
Chris Mills1997-982.21.06.58%
Zydrunas Ilgauskas2005-
Channing Frye2011-
Nikola Jokic2016-
LaMarcus Aldridge2011-
Bryon Russell1999-
George Hill2015-
Lamar Odom2010-
Terrell Brandon1999-
Derrick Rose2010-
Tony Parker2013-
Mike James2005-
Todd MacCulloch2001-
Jeff Hornacek1994-952.21.06.54%
Eddie Jones2004-
Chris Bosh2005-
Taj Gibson2012-
Amir Johnson2014-
Kenny Anderson1996-972.21.06.53%
Tim Duncan2014-
Khris Middleton2016-
Rashard Lewis2000-
Ray Allen2004-
Reggie Miller1995-962.30.96.51%
Michael Redd2005-
Carmelo Anthony2016-
Brad Miller2006-
Al Horford2009-
David Lee2012-
Carmelo Anthony2015-
Stacey Augmon1993-942.11.06.49%
David West2012-
Toni Kukoc1996-972.60.76.49%
Jrue Holiday2014-
Scottie Pippen1993-942.30.96.49%
Rasheed Wallace2006-
Nick Anderson1996-972.50.86.48%
DeMarre Carroll2014-
Gary Payton1995-962.11.06.47%
Nick Collison2013-
Gordon Hayward2014-
Carmelo Anthony2008-
Alonzo Mourning1995-962.30.96.45%
Eric Snow2003-
Baron Davis2002-
LeBron James2003-
Andre Iguodala2005-
Rashard Lewis2004-
Luol Deng2013-
Charles Barkley1998-992.50.86.40%
Mitch Richmond1999-
Brad Miller2008-
Tim Duncan2011-
Antonio Davis2000-
George Hill2013-
Jeff Foster2004-
Andre Miller2006-
Jrue Holiday2016-
Michael Finley2003-
Carlos Boozer2004-
Antonio McDyess2000-
Tiago Splitter2012-
Anthony Davis2016-
Ray Allen1999-
Kevin Durant2011-
Shawn Kemp1997-982.01.06.33%
Landry Fields2011-
Dennis Rodman1996-972.50.76.31%
Draymond Green2013-
Rik Smits1994-952.01.06.30%
Corey Maggette2007-
Luol Deng2005-
Nick Van Exel2001-
Toni Kukoc1995-962.01.06.29%
Rasheed Wallace2004-
Jason Kidd1997-982.01.06.28%
Patrick Ewing1999-
Wally Szczerbiak2000-
Isaiah Thomas2013-
Kenny Anderson1999-
Andre Miller2009-
Rudy Gobert2016-
Charles Barkley1995-962.10.96.27%
Elton Brand2010-
Joe Smith2004-
Manu Ginobili2016-
Manu Ginobili2015-
Eric Bledsoe2016-
Kevin Garnett2000-
Glenn Robinson1999-
Toni Kukoc1994-952.01.06.25%
Mike James2004-
John Wall2013-
Mike Conley2016-
Serge Ibaka2012-
Tyson Chandler2010-
Mitch Richmond1998-992.01.06.24%
Cuttino Mobley2000-
Brendan Haywood2004-
Kevin Love2011-
Paul Pierce2002-
Mitch Richmond1996-971.91.06.23%
Tracy McGrady2007-
Andre Roberson2016-
Jermaine O'Neal2006-
George Hill2014-
Andre Miller2012-
Carmelo Anthony2013-
Mario Chalmers2013-
George Lynch1999-
Rick Fox2000-
Tony Parker2008-
Blake Griffin2014-
Sam Cassell1999-
Hersey Hawkins1994-951.91.06.19%
Ben Wallace2002-
Hersey Hawkins1997-981.91.06.19%
Bobby Phills1998-992.10.96.18%
Tyson Chandler2006-
Marcus Camby2007-
Dennis Rodman1993-941.91.06.18%
Dwyane Wade2011-
P.J. Brown1999-
Zydrunas Ilgauskas2006-
Scottie Pippen1999-
Scot Pollard2000-
Jason Terry2010-
Shawn Bradley1999-
Bryon Russell1996-971.91.06.16%
Larry Johnson1998-991.91.06.16%
Andrei Kirilenko2008-
Hakeem Olajuwon1998-991.91.06.16%
Kurt Thomas2000-
Glen Rice1995-961.91.06.15%
Dwyane Wade2007-
Reggie Miller1993-941.91.06.15%
Wesley Person1997-981.91.06.15%
Jason Collins2003-
Thaddeus Young2011-
Paul Millsap2009-
Speedy Claxton2003-
Vinny Del Negro1995-961.91.06.14%
Hersey Hawkins1998-991.91.06.14%
Ron Harper1996-972.00.96.14%
Jared Dudley2009-
Chris Andersen2009-
Mario Elie1996-971.91.06.12%
Nick Collison2012-
Metta World Peace2012-
Arvydas Sabonis1999-
Reggie Jackson2015-
Tony Allen2016-
Eddie Jones1995-962.00.96.11%
Ray Allen1998-991.81.06.11%
Deron Williams2013-
Gerald Wallace2009-
Reggie Williams1993-941.81.06.11%
Dwyane Wade2004-
John Stockton1993-941.81.06.10%
Baron Davis2004-
Tyson Chandler2014-
Shawn Kemp1995-961.81.06.09%
Andre Iguodala2011-
Mark Jackson1998-991.81.06.09%
Paul Pierce2003-
David West2007-
Earl Watson2004-
Jaren Jackson1997-981.81.06.08%
Raymond Felton2011-
Glenn Robinson1998-992.00.96.08%
Joe Johnson2014-
Kemba Walker2015-
Patrick Ewing1993-941.81.06.08%
J.J. Redick2014-
Michael Redd2006-
Udonis Haslem2004-
Marcus Morris2015-
Stephen Curry2010-
Richard Jefferson2002-
Carmelo Anthony2009-
Zach Randolph2013-
Beno Udrih2011-
Dirk Nowitzki2001-
Sean Elliott1995-962.00.96.06%
Desmond Mason2002-
Sam Cassell1997-982.00.96.05%
Jason Terry2007-
Hedo Turkoglu2006-
Kobe Bryant2011-
Derrick Rose2011-
Derrick Coleman2002-
Patrick Ewing1995-962.00.96.04%
Danny Granger2008-
Monta Ellis2016-
Rodney Hood2015-
Jason Terry2005-
Sam Perkins1994-951.81.06.03%
Al Horford2015-
Kemba Walker2016-
Paul George2011-
David West2008-
Josh Smith2007-
Jerome Williams1999-
Shane Battier2010-
Chandler Parsons2013-
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope2014-
Gilbert Arenas2005-
Speedy Claxton2005-
Ron Harper1998-992.40.76.01%
Nikola Jokic2015-
Vlade Divac2003-
Chris Webber1999-
Marcin Gortat2014-
Charles Barkley1997-982.30.86.01%
Gary Payton1994-951.81.06.01%
Otis Thorpe1995-961.81.06.00%
Raymond Felton2012-
Deron Williams2014-
Luol Deng2014-
Al-Farouq Aminu2015-
Pau Gasol2005-
Derek Fisher1999-
Patrick Patterson2014-
Chuck Hayes2010-
Gary Payton2002-
Mark Jackson1996-971.71.05.99%
Vladimir Radmanovic2004-
Eddie Jones2003-
Ervin Johnson2000-
Patrick Beverley2015-
Carmelo Anthony2014-
Stephon Marbury2004-
Charlie Ward1997-981.71.05.98%
Paul Pierce2000-
Ty Lawson2014-
Carlos Boozer2006-
Damon Stoudamire2000-
Theo Ratliff1997-981.71.05.97%
Derrick McKey1994-951.71.05.97%
Horace Grant1993-941.90.95.97%
Rodney Rogers1996-971.71.05.96%
Brendan Haywood2009-
Joe Johnson2016-
Jamario Moon2008-
Robert Horry2001-
Travis Best1999-
Tayshaun Prince2004-
Gary Payton2003-
Monta Ellis2013-
P.J. Brown1996-971.71.05.95%
Jeff Teague2012-
Deron Williams2007-
Josh Howard2005-
Ryan Anderson2012-
Grant Hill2008-
Shawn Kemp1999-
Matt Barnes2012-
Earl Watson2005-
Tony Allen2011-
Vince Carter2008-
Al-Farouq Aminu2012-
Ruben Patterson2000-
Charles Oakley2000-
Jeff Hornacek1995-961.71.05.92%
Marko Jaric2005-
Mike Conley2015-
Anfernee Hardaway1993-941.71.05.92%
Ray Allen2007-
Kobe Bryant2012-
Jared Dudley2015-
Vin Baker1996-971.71.05.91%
Tyrone Corbin1997-981.71.05.91%
Marcus Morris2016-
Dorell Wright2010-
Timofey Mozgov2014-
Roy Hibbert2012-
Jerome Kersey1996-971.80.95.90%
Devin Harris2006-
Corey Maggette2006-
Mike James2003-
Theo Ratliff2002-
Steve Nash2011-
Nick Collison2011-
Kendall Gill1997-981.61.05.89%
Rasheed Wallace2008-
Darrell Armstrong1998-991.61.05.88%
Clifford Robinson1995-961.61.05.88%
Paul Millsap2008-
George Lynch1998-991.80.95.88%
Courtney Lee2015-
Terry Porter2000-
Mitch Richmond1995-961.61.05.87%
Zach Randolph2009-
Antoine Walker2002-
Matt Barnes2013-
Greg Ostertag1998-991.61.05.87%
Dirk Nowitzki2016-
Lamar Odom2000-
Charles Barkley1991-921.80.95.87%
Anfernee Hardaway1998-991.61.05.87%
Gerald Wallace2008-
Dan Majerle1994-951.61.05.86%
Reggie Jackson2013-
Richard Hamilton2006-
Charlie Ward1999-
Corey Brewer2013-
Thaddeus Young2010-
Dwight Howard2011-
Chris Mills1998-991.80.95.85%
Malik Rose2001-
Joe Smith2001-
Samuel Dalembert2006-
Shawn Marion2009-
Kawhi Leonard2013-
Rodney Rogers1999-
Anderson Varejao2006-
Danny Granger2010-
Tony Parker2003-
Rajon Rondo2008-
Jason Kidd2010-
Brian Grant1998-991.61.05.83%
Rasho Nesterovic2002-
Nick Van Exel1999-
Nick Anderson1998-991.80.95.83%
Mark Jackson1995-961.61.05.83%
Marcus Camby2004-
Rik Smits1998-991.51.05.82%
Joe Johnson2010-
Theo Ratliff1998-991.51.05.82%
Earl Watson2003-
Mike Bibby2002-
Andris Biedrins2007-
Hedo Turkoglu2001-
Courtney Lee2016-
Shane Battier2001-
Andrew DeClercq2002-
Josh Smith2008-
Ekpe Udoh2011-
Hedo Turkoglu2003-
James Posey2003-
Sam Perkins1999-
Jrue Holiday2015-
Bruce Bowen2003-
Avery Johnson1995-961.51.05.80%
Allen Iverson1998-991.51.05.80%
Jeff Foster2008-
Nikola Pekovic2013-
James Posey2000-
Patrick Beverley2016-
Glen Rice1993-941.51.05.80%
Charlie Ward1998-991.51.05.80%
Avery Bradley2013-
Andrew DeClercq2003-
Shawn Kemp1993-941.51.05.79%
Jeff Teague2011-
Danny Green2013-
Matt Bonner2008-
Byron Scott1996-971.51.05.79%
Avery Bradley2015-
Manu Ginobili2003-
Dennis Rodman1994-952.40.65.78%
Paul Pierce2013-
Chris Bosh2012-
Bobby Phills1995-961.70.95.78%
Stephon Marbury1999-
Morris Peterson2001-
Stephen Jackson2007-
Jaren Jackson1998-991.70.95.76%
Al Jefferson2013-
J.R. Smith2014-
Brevin Knight1998-992.10.85.76%
Terrell Brandon1995-961.70.95.75%
Danny Manning1997-981.70.95.75%
Iman Shumpert2015-
Rod Strickland1997-981.70.95.74%
Nicolas Batum2015-
Ty Lawson2012-
Lamar Odom2007-
Tim Thomas2006-
Rasheed Wallace1996-972.10.85.73%
Horace Grant1997-981.70.95.73%
Shawn Kemp1998-992.00.85.73%
Andrei Kirilenko2006-
Tracy McGrady2002-
Charles Barkley1993-942.00.85.73%
Al Harrington2008-
Bruce Bowen2001-
Luol Deng2015-
Marc Gasol2009-
Kobe Bryant2003-
Nicolas Batum2016-
Rik Smits1997-981.60.95.70%
Allen Iverson2006-
Marc Gasol2013-
Josh Howard2008-
Elton Brand2011-
Avery Bradley2014-
Al Horford2014-
Jeff Hornacek1999-
Zaza Pachulia2014-
Kristaps Porzingis2015-
Anthony Davis2015-
Iman Shumpert2013-
J.R. Smith2013-
Dale Ellis1993-941.60.95.65%
Tim Duncan2015-
Stephen Jackson2006-
Elton Brand2002-
Wilson Chandler2010-
Kyle Korver2012-
Steve Smith2001-
Sam Cassell2004-
Arvydas Sabonis1995-961.60.95.63%
Brad Miller2002-
Rashard Lewis2006-
Baron Davis2009-
Robert Horry1998-992.00.85.63%
Anderson Varejao2013-
Paul Pierce2009-
Richard Hamilton2007-
Vince Carter2010-
J.R. Smith2009-
Horace Grant2000-
Rod Strickland1998-991.50.95.62%
Dwight Howard2015-
Ray Allen2006-
Eric Williams2003-
Terry Porter1999-
Carmelo Anthony2010-
Cody Zeller2015-
Chris Andersen2013-
Chandler Parsons2012-
Lamar Odom2006-
Ben Wallace2009-
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2014-
Darrell Armstrong2000-
Detlef Schrempf1999-
Shane Battier2008-
Tony Allen2015-
Nene Hilario2004-
Gerald Wallace2012-
Devin Harris2008-
Kristaps Porzingis2016-
Andre Iguodala2010-
Iman Shumpert2014-
Toni Kukoc2000-
Shaquille O'Neal2007-
Zydrunas Ilgauskas2008-
Gerald Wallace2005-
Patrick Beverley2014-
Bobby Simmons2003-
Hakeem Olajuwon1997-982.20.65.51%
Ricky Rubio2011-
Luol Deng2007-
Scott Williams2000-
Nick Collison2014-
Manu Ginobili2011-
Stromile Swift2002-
Stromile Swift2001-
Nene Hilario2006-
Steve Blake2008-
Al Horford2016-
Jeff Foster2005-
Chandler Parsons2015-
Jon Barry1999-
Derrick Coleman1997-981.90.75.43%
Zach Randolph2006-
Cody Zeller2016-
Joakim Noah2012-
Andrei Kirilenko2009-
Marcus Camby2008-
Blake Griffin2016-
Arvydas Sabonis1996-971.70.85.39%
David West2014-
Jameer Nelson2012-
Charles Barkley1996-972.10.65.37%
Greg Monroe2014-
Deron Williams2010-
Wesley Matthews2012-
Jimmy Butler2013-
Kevin Johnson1993-941.70.85.35%
Elton Brand2003-
Mike Dunleavy2010-
Rudy Gobert2015-
Ray Allen2003-
Wesley Matthews2014-
Kevin Garnett2013-
Kirk Hinrich2008-
DeMarcus Cousins2014-
Caron Butler2007-
Avery Bradley2012-
Pau Gasol2009-
Tyson Chandler2012-
George Hill2016-
Nene Hilario2012-
Brandon Roy2009-
Baron Davis2010-
Jason Richardson2006-
Corliss Williamson2000-
Al-Farouq Aminu2016-
Robert Horry1994-951.60.85.29%
Dennis Rodman1995-961.60.85.29%
Yao Ming2007-
Brevin Knight1999-
Peja Stojakovic2008-
Chris Paul2006-
Tony Allen2013-
Deron Williams2008-
Rajon Rondo2011-
Ricky Rubio2014-
Delonte West2008-
C.J. Watson2009-
Eric Gordon2010-
Tiago Splitter2013-
Tyson Chandler2013-
Wally Szczerbiak2002-
Larry Hughes2004-
Kyrie Irving2012-
Tim Thomas2003-
Shane Battier2009-
Avery Bradley2016-
Dwyane Wade2013-
Ricky Rubio2012-
Kevin Johnson1995-961.70.75.19%
Jerome James2001-
Theo Ratliff1999-
Adrian Griffin2001-
Tim Hardaway1999-
Erick Dampier2004-
Steve Nash2012-
Derrick Coleman1996-971.60.75.11%
Rajon Rondo2012-
Chris Bosh2014-
Brian Cardinal2004-
Luol Deng2004-
Rodney Hood2016-
Reggie Miller1994-951.51.05.06%
Tyson Chandler2005-
Clifford Robinson1998-991.51.05.05%
Glen Rice1997-981.51.05.04%
Ron Harper1995-961.51.05.04%
J.R. Smith2012-
Theo Ratliff2000-
Rasho Nesterovic2001-
Anderson Varejao2008-
Eduardo Najera2007-
Mario Chalmers2011-
Jim Jackson2003-
Anthony Parker2008-
Marc Gasol2014-
Eric Snow2000-
Stephen Curry2011-
Jermaine O'Neal2005-
Wally Szczerbiak2001-
Bruce Bowen2002-
Jameer Nelson2008-
Ron Harper1999-
Robin Lopez2013-
Dirk Nowitzki1999-
Manu Ginobili2008-
Isaiah Thomas2015-
Mark Price1994-951.70.64.95%
Luol Deng2008-
Andris Biedrins2006-
David Wesley1998-991.41.04.94%
Reggie Jackson2016-
Ron Mercer1997-981.41.04.93%
Tyson Chandler2008-
Pau Gasol2012-
Jason Collins2002-
Jeff Foster2003-
Roy Hibbert2009-
J.R. Smith2010-
Larry Johnson1995-961.41.04.91%
Bobby Jackson2000-
Al Jefferson2012-
Joe Dumars1996-971.41.04.90%
Bo Outlaw1998-991.60.64.90%
Charles Barkley1987-881.41.04.89%
Jermaine O'Neal2004-
Eric Bledsoe2015-
Elden Campbell1995-961.41.04.89%
Jason Richardson2007-
Nate McMillan1996-971.60.54.88%
Jeremy Lin2011-
Isaiah Thomas2016-
Bo Outlaw2003-
David West2011-
John Starks1998-991.41.04.87%
Hersey Hawkins1995-961.41.04.87%
Hedo Turkoglu2010-
Rudy Gay2013-
Greg Minor1998-991.50.94.86%
Tiago Splitter2014-
David Benoit1994-951.50.94.86%
Jamaal Tinsley2004-
Doug Christie2000-
Paul Millsap2013-
Amir Johnson2009-
Keith Van Horn2003-
Jrue Holiday2013-
Wesley Matthews2015-
Anthony Parker2009-
Matt Harpring2003-
Glen Rice1996-971.41.04.85%
Donyell Marshall2000-
Allen Iverson2003-
John Starks1999-
Grant Hill1994-951.50.94.83%
Walt Williams1996-971.50.94.83%
Bryon Russell2000-
Antawn Jamison2008-
Richard Hamilton2005-
Al Harrington2011-
Greg Buckner2002-
Evan Eschmeyer2000-
Shaquille O'Neal2006-
Andre Miller2011-
Darren Collison2014-
Karl Malone2002-
Tony Parker2004-
Shane Battier2003-
Joakim Noah2008-
Mario Chalmers2012-
Lance Stephenson2013-
Walt Williams1999-
Zydrunas Ilgauskas2007-
Eric Snow2004-
Jamal Mashburn2000-
Clifford Robinson2000-
Nikola Mirotic2014-
Ben Gordon2005-
Roy Hibbert2013-
Larry Sanders2012-
J.R. Smith2015-
Clifford Robinson1994-951.40.94.73%
C.J. Miles2014-
Dwight Howard2016-
Derrick Coleman1993-941.40.94.73%
Vince Carter2003-
Delonte West2005-
Omer Asik2014-
Andre Roberson2015-
Mark Price1993-941.40.94.70%
Detlef Schrempf1994-951.31.04.70%
Tony Snell2016-
Peja Stojakovic2000-
Marc Gasol2010-
Andrei Kirilenko2001-
Jae Crowder2014-
Grant Long1995-961.31.04.68%
Tony Parker2006-
Wally Szczerbiak2005-
Danny Ferry2000-
Goran Dragic2014-
Julius Erving1979-801.31.04.67%
Anthony Tolliver2014-
Paul Pierce2014-
Emeka Okafor2010-
Aaron McKie2002-
Mike Miller2004-
Darrell Armstrong1999-
John Salmons2012-
Reggie Jackson2014-
Wesley Matthews2016-
Matt Harpring2001-
Kevin Martin2012-
Robert Horry1995-961.40.94.64%
Darren Collison2015-
Trevor Ariza2014-
Ruben Patterson2004-
Detlef Schrempf1993-941.31.04.63%
Steve Nash2002-
Ronald Murray2008-
Sam Perkins1995-961.31.04.62%
Matthew Dellavedova2016-
Al Jefferson2011-
Tim Hardaway2000-
Nikola Pekovic2014-
Raja Bell2007-
Carlos Arroyo2003-
Dennis Rodman1997-981.31.04.61%
Jerry Stackhouse2002-
Derek Fisher2000-
Richard Jefferson2003-
Robert Horry2000-
Channing Frye2014-
Ben Gordon2008-
Devean George2001-
Brian Grant2000-
Channing Frye2009-
Aaron McKie1997-981.31.04.60%
Anthony Parker2007-
Darius Songaila2004-
LaMarcus Aldridge2007-
Vlade Divac1993-941.31.04.59%
Derek Fisher1998-991.31.04.58%
Michael Redd2008-
Kerry Kittles1997-981.40.94.58%
Tracy McGrady2001-
Chris Wilcox2006-
David West2015-
Reggie Williams1994-951.30.94.56%
Kelly Olynyk2016-
Danny Manning1996-971.30.94.56%
Jamario Moon2007-
Tristan Thompson2016-
Bobby Jackson2005-
Jrue Holiday2010-
Jason Kidd2012-
Josh Smith2013-
Brevin Knight2004-
Derek Fisher2002-
Kyle Lowry2012-
Allen Iverson2004-
Markieff Morris2016-
Russell Westbrook2010-
Chauncey Billups2009-
Maurice Cheeks1981-821.31.04.52%
Gorgui Dieng2016-
Greg Ostertag1997-981.50.84.52%
Chris Wilcox2007-
John Starks1996-971.30.94.51%
Erick Dampier2005-
Bruce Bowen2006-
Travis Best1996-971.30.94.50%
Matt Harpring2006-
Muggsy Bogues1996-971.50.84.50%
Channing Frye2016-
Vladimir Radmanovic2007-
Ben Wallace1998-991.30.94.49%
Boris Diaw2013-
Adrian Griffin2002-
Giannis Antetokounmpo2016-
Scottie Pippen2002-
Derek Fisher2006-
Terry Porter1997-981.21.04.47%
Antonio McDyess2006-
Alonzo Mourning2005-
Hot Rod Williams1997-981.30.94.46%
Reggie Miller1996-971.21.04.46%
Giannis Antetokounmpo2015-
Clifford Robinson1999-
Ruben Patterson2003-
Rajon Rondo2006-
Robert Covington2014-
Aaron McKie1995-961.21.04.45%
Chuck Hayes2007-
Malik Sealy1999-
Andrew Bogut2008-
Jon Barry2004-
Samuel Dalembert2007-
Gordon Hayward2015-
Vladimir Radmanovic2002-
Patrick Ewing1997-982.80.34.42%
Shawn Bradley2002-
Andrei Kirilenko2002-
Kyle Korver2011-
Danny Manning1998-991.21.04.42%
Ruben Patterson2001-
Matthew Dellavedova2015-
Jeff Foster2010-
Nate Robinson2008-
Rudy Gay2009-
Raymond Felton2006-
Omer Asik2012-
Greg Ostertag1999-
Joakim Noah2011-
Rodney Stuckey2011-
Dale Davis1999-
Darrell Arthur2015-
Bradley Beal2014-
Zach Randolph2015-
Othella Harrington2000-
Bo Outlaw2002-
Manu Ginobili2012-
Doug Christie1996-971.21.04.39%
Jameer Nelson2011-
Keyon Dooling2010-
Damon Stoudamire2001-
Mark Jackson1994-951.21.04.38%
Marcus Camby2005-
Stephen Jackson2009-
Jason Kidd1996-971.50.74.38%
Bryon Russell1997-981.21.04.37%
Shane Battier2012-
Chris Childs1996-971.40.84.36%
Richard Jefferson2009-
Chase Budinger2010-
Jared Dudley2014-
Michael Finley2001-
P.J. Brown1997-981.20.94.36%
Danilo Gallinari2009-
Devean George2003-
Desmond Mason2004-
Kenyon Martin2008-
Jerry Stackhouse2000-
Shareef Abdur-Rahim2005-
Wayne Ellington2012-
Cedric Ceballos1995-961.21.04.34%
Derek Fisher2007-
Vlade Divac2000-
Daniel Gibson2007-
George Lynch2002-
Jared Dudley2016-
Latrell Sprewell1996-971.21.04.32%
Clifford Robinson1996-971.21.04.32%
Udonis Haslem2005-
Ruben Patterson2002-
Brian Cardinal2003-
Luol Deng2016-
Eric Williams2001-
Anthony Parker2010-
Giannis Antetokounmpo2014-
Mark Jackson1999-
Dan Gadzuric2004-
Nick Anderson1995-961.20.94.30%
Matt Bonner2010-
David Lee2013-
Devean George2002-
Matt Barnes2009-
Speedy Claxton2004-
Andre Iguodala2007-
Amir Johnson2015-
Raja Bell2006-
Tristan Thompson2015-
Shawn Marion2008-
Antawn Jamison2004-
Grant Long1998-991.11.04.27%
Rashad McCants2007-
David Lee2006-
Joel Przybilla2008-
Steve Kerr1993-941.11.04.26%
Ryan Anderson2010-
Tyrone Corbin1996-971.20.94.26%
Quentin Richardson2001-
Joakim Noah2014-
Kelly Olynyk2015-
Nick Anderson1997-981.40.74.26%
Terry Mills1999-
Brandon Roy2007-
Shane Battier2002-
Jason Thompson2013-
Corey Maggette2005-
Blake Griffin2015-
Cody Zeller2014-
Dwyane Wade2003-
Thaddeus Young2013-
Julius Erving1983-841.20.94.23%
Mehmet Okur2008-
Dale Davis1994-951.20.94.22%
Erick Dampier2006-
Channing Frye2015-
Elden Campbell1994-951.20.94.22%
Dana Barros1995-961.11.04.22%
Darren Collison2016-
Gheorghe Muresan1994-951.20.94.21%
Corliss Williamson2001-
Markieff Morris2014-
Speedy Claxton2001-
Raymond Felton2009-
Tony Parker2007-
Michael Finley1999-
Rashard Lewis2010-
Bonzi Wells2000-
Chauncey Billups2002-
Hedo Turkoglu2005-
Mike Bibby2006-
Zach Randolph2016-
Jared Sullinger2013-
Al Horford2010-
Gordon Hayward2016-
Derek Fisher2005-
Raymond Felton2013-
Thabo Sefolosha2014-
Chris Webber1993-941.20.94.17%
Kemba Walker2013-
Greivis Vasquez2012-
Derek Fisher2013-
Vince Carter2014-
Horace Grant2001-
Blake Griffin2010-
Chris Andersen2004-
Jameer Nelson2010-
Michael Finley2004-
Stacey Augmon1994-951.10.94.16%
David West2010-
Lorenzen Wright2001-
Ty Lawson2011-
Udonis Haslem2006-
Kenneth Faried2015-
Derrick Favors2015-
Antonio Davis2001-
Damon Stoudamire2003-
Kyle Lowry2009-
Clifford Robinson2001-
Charlie Ward2002-
Jason Collins2005-
Dale Davis1995-961.11.04.13%
Ersan Ilyasova2012-
Raymond Felton2010-
Mikki Moore2006-
Allen Iverson2002-
Matt Bonner2012-
Kelvin Cato2004-
Keith Van Horn2001-
Gorgui Dieng2015-
Damon Stoudamire2002-
Tracy McGrady2003-
Trevor Ariza2013-
Matthew Dellavedova2013-
Antawn Jamison2009-
Kevin Love2012-
LaPhonso Ellis1993-941.01.04.10%
DeMarre Carroll2016-
Raef LaFrentz2000-
Zach Randolph2011-
Ronnie Brewer2011-
Luc Longley1995-961.30.84.09%
Terrell Brandon1997-981.40.64.09%
Mehmet Okur2007-
Isaiah Thomas2012-
Metta World Peace1999-
Chuck Hayes2006-
Peja Stojakovic2009-
Anthony Mason1994-951.10.94.08%
Danny Manning1994-951.40.64.08%
Vlade Divac1995-961.01.04.08%
Danilo Gallinari2014-
Tim Thomas2000-
Matt Bonner2009-
Michael Finley1995-961.01.04.07%
Kurt Thomas2006-
Ben Wallace1999-
Joel Anthony2011-
Rashard Lewis2005-
Larry Johnson1997-981.10.94.06%
Kris Humphries2011-
Carmelo Anthony2012-
Deron Williams2011-
Brad Miller1999-
Jeremy Lin2015-
Felton Spencer1994-951.60.44.05%
Alonzo Mourning1993-941.30.74.05%
Chauncey Billups2005-
Rajon Rondo2010-
Tayshaun Prince2003-
Scott Padgett2001-
Chuck Hayes2009-
Mike Bibby2004-
Bobby Jackson2006-
Rodney Stuckey2010-
Jared Dudley2010-
Danny Green2011-
Nikola Mirotic2016-
Tony Parker2009-
Sam Perkins1996-971.01.04.03%
Robert Covington2016-
Andrei Kirilenko2010-
Nene Hilario2013-
Jameer Nelson2013-
Sam Cassell2006-
Rashard Lewis2001-
Shawn Marion2001-
Shawn Bradley2004-
Al Harrington2002-
Derek Fisher2008-
Rik Smits1993-941.01.04.02%
John Lucas III2011-
Dante Exum2014-
Jason Maxiell2012-
Mike Miller2007-
Kenneth Faried2014-
Joe Smith2002-
Chandler Parsons2014-
C.J. Miles2010-
Chris Bosh2015-
Danilo Gallinari2016-
Greivis Vasquez2013-
Johnny Newman1996-971.01.03.99%
Michael Jordan2002-
Nick Collison2005-
Hot Rod Williams1996-971.20.83.98%
Pablo Prigioni2013-
Charlie Ward2000-
Amir Johnson2016-
J.R. Smith2016-
Devin Harris2013-
Corliss Williamson2006-
Marcus Smart2014-
Keith Van Horn2002-
Jameer Nelson2009-
Mo Williams2008-
Adam Keefe1997-981.01.03.97%
Detlef Schrempf1995-961.20.83.97%
Elijah Millsap2014-
Eduardo Najera2002-
Kelly Olynyk2014-
Jermaine O'Neal2009-
Pero Antic2014-
Andres Nocioni2008-
Jason Thompson2012-
Terry Mills1997-981.40.63.96%
Thaddeus Young2007-
Anthony Morrow2010-
Roy Hibbert2010-
Tom Gugliotta1999-
Jason Richardson2009-
Ben Gordon2004-
Yao Ming2004-
Andre Miller2001-
Dana Barros1994-951.01.03.94%
Sam Perkins1993-941.01.03.94%
Larry Johnson1996-971.00.93.94%
Eddie Jones1994-951.20.83.94%
Allen Iverson1999-
Ray Allen1997-981.01.03.93%
James Johnson2016-
Nenad Krstic2005-
Andrew Bogut2005-
Serge Ibaka2011-
Elton Brand2012-
Andre Roberson2014-
Tony Allen2004-
Shawn Bradley1997-981.20.83.92%
Anthony Tolliver2010-
Arvydas Sabonis2000-
Jaren Jackson1999-
Keith Bogans2007-
Danny Granger2013-
Sebastian Telfair2008-
Darrick Martin1997-981.01.03.91%
Antawn Jamison2003-
Eric Williams2002-
Brendan Haywood2007-
Bruce Bowen2000-
George Hill2010-
Elton Brand2009-
Danny Ainge1994-951.00.93.90%
Stacey Augmon2003-
Corey Brewer2014-
Mario Chalmers2014-
Devin Harris2012-
Jae Crowder2013-
Dikembe Mutombo1994-950.91.03.88%
Brian Cook2006-
Tyrone Hill1998-991.20.83.88%
Sam Perkins1997-980.91.03.88%
Rudy Gay2014-
Avery Johnson1998-990.91.03.88%
Derrick Coleman2001-
Stephon Marbury1998-990.91.03.88%
Jerome Williams1998-990.91.03.87%
Boris Diaw2014-
Nick Collison2007-
Tiago Splitter2011-
Corliss Williamson2002-
Zydrunas Ilgauskas2003-
Mike Bibby2003-
Eric Williams2000-
Kyle Lowry2007-
Goran Dragic2011-
Eduardo Najera2001-
Jared Sullinger2014-
Lucious Harris2001-
Clifford Robinson1997-980.91.03.86%
Jason Terry2004-
Jason Terry2014-
Lavoy Allen2015-
Kirk Hinrich2006-
Vince Carter2004-
Nikola Mirotic2015-
James Harden2010-
Goran Dragic2012-
Raef LaFrentz2004-
Brent Price1995-960.91.03.83%
Raymond Felton2008-
Wesley Person1995-960.91.03.83%
C.J. McCollum2014-
Robert Horry1996-971.20.73.83%
Lindsey Hunter1998-990.91.03.83%
Landry Fields2012-
Steve Nash2000-
Nick Anderson1999-
Anthony Johnson2005-
Kenyon Martin2005-
Shaquille O'Neal2008-
Khalid Reeves1994-951.10.83.82%
Horace Grant1998-990.91.03.82%
Greg Buckner2004-
Kyle Korver2010-
Brendan Haywood2005-
Charles Oakley1993-940.91.03.81%
Bo Outlaw1994-950.91.03.81%
Maurice Cheeks1980-810.91.03.81%
Anthony Tolliver2013-
Tayshaun Prince2010-
Ryan Anderson2016-
P.J. Brown1998-990.91.03.80%
Othella Harrington2004-
Josh Smith2004-
Antonio McDyess2009-
Marko Jaric2004-
Omer Asik2013-
Joe Johnson2004-
Paul Pierce1998-990.91.03.79%
Luc Mbah a Moute2012-
Jeremy Lin2013-
Patrick Patterson2013-
Isaiah Thomas2014-
Tayshaun Prince2008-
Robert Covington2015-
Derek Fisher2010-
Ramon Sessions2011-
Mehmet Okur2009-
Nikola Pekovic2012-
Grant Hill2004-
Jameer Nelson2005-
Erick Dampier2003-
Stephon Marbury2005-
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2013-
Anthony Mason1997-980.91.03.78%
Bryon Russell1998-990.91.03.77%
Lindsey Hunter1999-
Patty Mills2013-
Dennis Scott1996-971.10.83.77%
Nene Hilario2015-
Karl-Anthony Towns2016-
Nene Hilario2016-
Otis Thorpe1993-940.91.03.76%
Buck Williams1996-970.90.93.76%
Othella Harrington2001-
Wally Szczerbiak2004-
Kendall Gill1999-
Chauncey Billups2001-
Thaddeus Young2009-
Bob Sura2004-
Jerome Kersey1998-990.90.93.74%
Yao Ming2002-
Wally Szczerbiak2007-
Baron Davis2008-
Shawn Bradley1994-950.91.03.74%
Anthony Mason1995-960.91.03.73%
Kendall Gill1998-990.91.03.73%
Nene Hilario2014-
Larry Johnson1999-
Jared Jeffries2004-
Eddie Jones1996-970.91.03.73%
Robin Lopez2014-
Avery Bradley2011-
Stromile Swift2003-
Kenneth Faried2016-
Rasho Nesterovic2004-
Joe Johnson2011-
Antonio Davis1999-
Allen Iverson2001-
Markieff Morris2015-
Walt Williams1998-990.81.03.71%
Arvydas Sabonis2002-
Cory Joseph2015-
Isaiah Thomas2011-
Danilo Gallinari2015-
Kurt Thomas2005-
Kurt Thomas2007-
Rod Strickland1995-961.10.83.70%
Cory Joseph2016-
Ekpe Udoh2012-
Steve Novak2011-
Robin Lopez2016-
Dikembe Mutombo2004-
Kobe Bryant2004-
Steve Blake2007-
Rasho Nesterovic2003-
Chandler Parsons2011-
Paul Pierce2012-
Jerome Kersey1997-981.20.53.68%
Luis Scola2012-
Brendan Haywood2002-
Jarron Collins2005-
Earl Watson2002-
Dikembe Mutombo1995-960.90.93.68%
Samuel Dalembert2004-
Otis Thorpe1996-970.81.03.67%
Brevin Knight2005-
Luis Scola2011-
Pau Gasol2015-
Amir Johnson2011-
Casey Jacobsen2004-
Nick Anderson1993-940.81.03.66%
Voshon Lenard1997-980.81.03.66%
Shawn Kemp1994-950.81.03.66%
Darius Songaila2005-
Horace Grant1999-
Brian Cook2005-
Terry Cummings1995-960.81.03.65%
Greg Monroe2013-
Paul Pierce2011-
Derrick Rose2014-
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Darius Songaila2007-
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Brent Barry2001-
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Jared Dudley2012-
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Ronald Murray2009-
Thabo Sefolosha2015-
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Gerald Wallace2011-
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Vladimir Radmanovic2010-
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Robin Lopez2015-
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Shaun Livingston2015-
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Bruce Bowen1997-981.00.73.59%
Boris Diaw2012-
Antonio Daniels2004-
Danilo Gallinari2010-
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson2016-
Vladimir Radmanovic2005-
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Elfrid Payton2016-
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Boris Diaw2015-
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Brent Barry1996-971.00.73.52%
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Vinny Del Negro1993-940.80.93.51%
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Rik Smits1995-960.90.83.51%
David West2016-
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Chauncey Billups2010-
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Dion Waiters2013-
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Jamal Crawford2010-
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Jason Terry2009-
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Samuel Dalembert2011-
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C.J. Watson2014-
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Bobby Jackson2008-
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Marcus Camby1999-
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Tony Parker2014-
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Tiago Splitter2015-
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Kosta Koufos2013-
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Kobe Bryant1999-
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Hot Rod Williams1993-940.50.92.98%
Jusuf Nurkic2014-
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Zaza Pachulia2016-
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Eric Piatkowski1997-980.60.82.95%
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Keith Van Horn1998-990.60.82.95%
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Bruce Bowen1999-
Luc Mbah a Moute2008-
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Carmelo Anthony2004-
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P.J. Tucker2014-
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Zaza Pachulia2005-
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Julius Erving1977-780.40.92.88%
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Marc Gasol2016-
Hedo Turkoglu2011-
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Bo Outlaw1993-940.70.52.83%
Bobby Phills1993-940.40.92.83%
Dion Waiters2015-
Charlie Villanueva2006-
J.R. Smith2007-
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Randy Foye2015-
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Jamaal Magloire2000-
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Greg Anthony1998-990.31.02.82%
Pau Gasol2003-
Tracy McGrady2008-
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Tyler Hansbrough2014-
Samuel Dalembert2003-
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Gerald Wallace2013-
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Craig Ehlo1995-960.31.02.81%
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Johnny Newman1999-
Mike Dunleavy2005-
Danny Ferry1996-970.31.02.81%
Calbert Cheaney1995-960.40.92.81%
Peja Stojakovic2005-
Jalen Rose1994-950.31.02.81%
Jamaal Tinsley2005-
Wesley Person2001-
Bruce Bowen1998-990.70.62.80%
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Steve Blake2014-
Bill Wennington1993-940.40.92.80%
Shelvin Mack2016-
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Vitaly Potapenko1998-990.31.02.80%
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Kyle Korver2008-
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Michael Ruffin2000-
Joakim Noah2016-
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Jamaal Tinsley2006-
Damian Lillard2012-
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Trey Burke2013-
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Tony Allen2010-
Bob Sura2001-
Terrell Brandon1993-940.40.92.78%
Tracy Murray1997-980.31.02.78%
Charles Smith1994-950.40.92.78%
Jamaal Magloire2002-
Lucious Harris1993-940.40.92.78%
Mario Elie1999-
James Posey1999-
Charlie Ward2001-
Lorenzen Wright1998-990.31.02.77%
C.J. Watson2016-
Vin Baker1997-980.31.02.77%
Rodney Hood2014-
Popeye Jones1993-940.31.02.77%
Speedy Claxton2002-
Steve Smith1993-940.31.02.77%
Darvin Ham1997-980.40.92.77%
Derek Harper1995-960.31.02.77%
Al Horford2013-
Brendan Haywood2011-
Kevin Garnett2015-
Reggie Slater1997-980.31.02.77%
Taj Gibson2016-
Calbert Cheaney2002-
Kevin Seraphin2011-
T.J. Ford2005-
Dan Majerle1998-990.31.02.76%
Toney Douglas2012-
Zydrunas Ilgauskas2009-
Michael Finley2005-
George McCloud1997-980.50.82.76%
Lorenzen Wright1997-980.50.82.76%
Earl Boykins2003-
Chris Childs2001-
Rodney Rogers1994-950.31.02.76%
Elden Campbell1996-970.40.92.75%
Kirk Hinrich2014-
James Johnson2014-
Courtney Lee2014-
Tyrone Corbin1999-
Voshon Lenard1996-970.40.92.75%
Larry Hughes2003-
Ronnie Price2015-
Nate Robinson2012-
Robert Traylor2000-
Hanno Mottola2001-
Keith Askins1996-970.31.02.74%
David Wood1994-950.31.02.74%
Stephen Jackson2005-
Vladimir Radmanovic2008-
Jarron Collins2007-
Donald Royal1994-950.40.92.74%
Anderson Varejao2005-
Eddie House2007-
Marcus Camby2011-
Amir Johnson2007-
Casey Jacobsen2002-
Steve Nash1999-
Bison Dele1998-990.31.02.74%
Gordon Hayward2012-
Thaddeus Young2014-
Pau Gasol2006-
Dwyane Wade2014-
C.J. Watson2010-
Luis Scola2008-
Dale Davis2001-
Chris Dudley1998-990.30.92.73%
DeSagana Diop2005-
Hot Rod Williams1995-960.50.82.73%
Shawn Bradley1996-970.30.92.73%
Jon Barry2002-
Ray Allen2013-
Jamal Crawford2013-
Joakim Noah2009-
David Lee2008-
Muggsy Bogues1998-990.50.72.73%
B.J. Armstrong1994-950.31.02.73%
Stacey Augmon2004-
Nate Robinson2005-
Josh McRoberts2015-
Roger Mason2008-
Hot Rod Williams1994-950.30.92.72%
Smush Parker2005-
Markieff Morris2013-
Dan Majerle1997-980.30.92.72%
Larry Nance Jr.2015-
Jerry Stackhouse2006-
Eddie Jones2007-
Terry Cummings1998-990.31.02.72%
Luc Mbah a Moute2009-
Josh Childress2006-
Rex Chapman1996-970.50.82.72%
Buck Williams1997-980.60.52.71%
Kirk Hinrich2012-
Travis Knight1996-970.30.92.71%
Shane Battier2011-
Mitch Richmond2000-
Tom Gugliotta1998-990.30.92.70%
Dee Brown1998-990.31.02.70%
Ben McLemore2015-
O.J. Mayo2010-
Trevor Ariza2016-
Alvin Williams2002-
Kyrie Irving2011-
Reggie Slater2000-
Sam Cassell2001-
Trevor Ariza2015-
Tony Battie2003-
Luther Head2007-
Rex Chapman1995-960.50.72.70%
Damon Jones2003-
Toni Kukoc2003-
Taj Gibson2015-
Sasha Pavlovic2006-
DeSagana Diop2007-
Bobby Simmons2008-
Robert Traylor2003-
Michael Smith1994-950.31.02.69%
Rod Strickland1999-
Malik Rose2002-
Lucious Harris1994-950.31.02.69%
DeMarcus Cousins2012-
Gary Payton2000-
Marc Jackson2004-
Donyell Marshall2005-
Donte Greene2010-
Vitaly Potapenko1999-
Alec Burks2012-
Scott Padgett2002-
Steve Blake2009-
Anthony Peeler1998-990.60.62.68%
Samuel Dalembert2013-
Spud Webb1993-940.31.02.68%
Brandan Wright2013-
Darrell Arthur2014-
Steven Adams2016-
George Lynch2001-
Bryon Russell1993-940.40.82.68%
Greg Monroe2015-
Steve Novak2013-
Larry Hughes2006-
Joe Johnson2003-
Channing Frye2005-
Jordan Farmar2007-
Will Perdue1996-970.40.82.67%
Randy Brown2000-
Bruce Bowen2004-
Darrell Arthur2013-
Omer Asik2011-
Beno Udrih2008-
Rashard Lewis2002-
Al Harrington2003-
Allen Iverson1997-980.31.02.67%
Derek Fisher1996-970.31.02.67%
Erick Strickland2000-
Shaun Livingston2010-
Nate McMillan1995-960.50.72.67%
Don Reid1998-990.30.92.67%
Johnny Newman1997-980.30.92.67%
Iman Shumpert2012-
Keon Clark2001-
Cristiano Felicio2016-
Chris Childs1994-950.60.62.66%
Carmelo Anthony2005-
Jamario Moon2009-
Drew Gooden2004-
Speedy Claxton2006-
Earl Watson2007-
James Jones2006-
Greg Oden2008-
Fred Hoiberg2002-
Trevor Ariza2005-
Eddie Robinson2003-
Terrell Brandon1994-950.40.82.65%
Keon Clark1999-
Lance Stephenson2012-
Jannero Pargo2011-
Robbie Hummel2013-
Chris Singleton2012-
Cuttino Mobley2006-
Gerald Henderson2014-
DeMar DeRozan2015-
Kyle O'Quinn2013-
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Rudy Fernandez2010-
Nick Young2009-
Jason Williams2009-
Brad Miller2001-
Mike Conley2008-
Shelvin Mack2015-
Kerry Kittles2002-
Julius Erving1985-860.30.92.64%
Shareef Abdur-Rahim1999-
Vince Carter2015-
Toni Kukoc1993-940.30.92.64%
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George McCloud1996-970.40.82.64%
C.J. Miles2012-
Peja Stojakovic2002-
Dan Majerle2000-
Brent Price1997-980.30.92.64%
Jonathon Simmons2016-
David Wesley1994-950.50.62.63%
Bryon Russell2001-
Quincy Pondexter2014-
Eric Piatkowski1996-970.40.82.63%
Donald Royal1993-940.30.92.63%
Jeff Malone1995-960.90.42.63%
Jorge Garbajosa2006-
DeMarre Carroll2015-
Rod Strickland1996-970.21.02.63%
Kevin Ollie2000-
Harvey Grant1998-990.30.92.63%
Brad Miller2010-
Shandon Anderson1998-990.21.02.63%
Stephen Jackson2003-
Dikembe Mutombo2003-
Danny Ferry1998-990.21.02.63%
Derek Strong1996-970.21.02.63%
Isaiah Rider1997-980.30.92.63%
Tyson Chandler2004-
Chris Duhon2007-
Lamar Odom2003-
Darrick Martin1998-990.40.72.62%
Steve Kerr2001-
Rashard Lewis2003-
Ricky Davis2001-
Bison Dele1997-980.21.02.62%
Kawhi Leonard2012-
Anthony Morrow2015-
Andre Miller2007-
Chuck Hayes2013-
Shaun Livingston2014-
Doug Christie1999-
Kyrie Irving2016-
Richaun Holmes2016-
Darvin Ham2003-
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Travis Best2003-
Bobby Jackson2001-
Mickael Pietrus2004-
Jason Kidd1995-960.21.02.61%
Mookie Blaylock2000-
Marko Jaric2006-
Nene Hilario2011-
Corey Brewer2011-
Sebastian Telfair2006-
Shelvin Mack2013-
Kerry Kittles2003-
Eddie House2008-
Nick Calathes2013-
Grant Hill2010-
Jared Jeffries2005-
Linas Kleiza2006-
Dana Barros1998-990.21.02.60%
Rodrigue Beaubois2011-
James Jones2008-
Dan Gadzuric2005-
Zaza Pachulia2007-
Brent Barry2006-
Joe Smith1996-970.21.02.59%
Arron Afflalo2009-
Kurt Thomas2009-
Brent Barry2002-
LaMarcus Aldridge2006-
Marcus Camby1998-990.30.92.59%
Andre Drummond2014-
Brian Shaw2000-
Jeremy Lin2014-
James Jones2005-
James Posey2009-
Charlie Bell2009-
Jake Tsakalidis2005-
Evan Fournier2014-
Salah Mejri2016-
Terrell Brandon1996-970.21.02.58%
Greg Monroe2016-
Brian Cardinal2007-
Cartier Martin2010-
Andre Miller2002-
Reggie Miller2001-
Gerald Wilkins1993-940.21.02.58%
Gordan Giricek2007-
Trevor Ariza2012-
Derrick Favors2011-
Adonal Foyle2005-
Shaquille O'Neal2010-
Malik Allen2005-
Gordon Hayward2011-
James Jones2004-
Ryan Anderson2009-
Jeremy Lamb2013-
Antonio Daniels2006-
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Cory Jefferson2014-
Tristan Thompson2014-
JaVale McGee2010-
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Bostjan Nachbar2006-
Gerald Wallace2006-
Mario Hezonja2015-
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Paul Millsap2006-
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Vin Baker1998-990.40.72.56%
Luke Walton2007-
Mark Blount2003-
Bob Sura2003-
Bradley Beal2015-
Brandon Jennings2015-
Lee Mayberry1997-980.21.02.56%
DeMar DeRozan2016-
Kelvin Cato2000-
Oliver Miller1993-940.40.82.56%
Andre Drummond2013-
Scott Padgett2004-
Ryan Gomes2007-
Lee Nailon2004-
Darius Miller2013-
Luke Walton2008-
DeMarre Carroll2012-
Mike Dunleavy2002-
Marcus Camby1997-980.40.82.55%
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Timofey Mozgov2013-
Chris Mullin1998-990.21.02.55%
Terry Cummings1997-980.20.92.55%
Antonio Davis2002-
Cedric Ceballos1994-950.40.72.55%
James Posey2005-
Chuck Hayes2012-
Charlie Ward1996-970.21.02.55%
Austin Croshere2001-
Chris Copeland2014-
Jon Barry1993-940.20.92.55%
P.J. Tucker2015-
Lamond Murray1994-950.21.02.55%
Jarron Collins2004-
Jason Caffey2002-
Tyreke Evans2015-
Cuttino Mobley2005-
Brad Miller1998-990.30.82.54%
Sarunas Marciulionis1994-950.30.82.54%
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Nick Young2014-
Nicolas Batum2008-
Ben McLemore2016-
Kerry Kittles2001-
Gustavo Ayon2011-
Jeff Withey2013-
Kevin Johnson1994-950.50.62.54%
Steve Kerr1996-970.21.02.54%
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Kyle Anderson2015-
Matt Carroll2006-
Larry Stewart1996-970.20.92.53%
Popeye Jones1996-970.21.02.53%
Robin Lopez2012-
Chris Mullin1997-980.21.02.53%
Aaron Gordon2016-
Ronny Turiaf2010-
Brian Cook2004-
Andre Miller2015-
Randy Foye2016-
Rudy Gobert2014-
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Pablo Prigioni2012-
Dale Ellis1995-960.21.02.53%
C.J. Miles2016-
Larry Hughes2002-
Jerome Williams2000-
Chris Childs1997-980.30.82.52%
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Nenad Krstic2009-
Jamal Crawford2015-
Jared Jeffries2007-
Vincent Askew1995-960.30.82.52%
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Lucious Harris2003-
Nikola Vucevic2013-
Jamal Crawford2016-
Lance Stephenson2014-
Damon Jones2002-
Chris Duhon2012-
Andris Biedrins2005-
Othella Harrington2005-
Eddie Robinson1999-
Malik Rose2003-
Brian Skinner2003-
Victor Oladipo2013-
Dell Curry1995-960.21.02.51%
Walt Williams1994-950.20.92.51%
Alonzo Mourning2006-
Andrew DeClercq1999-
Cherokee Parks1996-970.20.92.51%
Jon Barry1996-970.40.72.51%
Chris Whitney1999-
Joel Anthony2012-
George Lynch1993-940.20.92.51%
Al Harrington2010-
P.J. Tucker2016-
Leandro Barbosa2009-
Dan Majerle2001-
Sasha Vujacic2005-
Joe Johnson2002-
Jared Dudley2013-
Avery Johnson2000-
Jeff Teague2013-
Dion Glover2002-
Etan Thomas2002-
Cory Joseph2014-
Danny Ferry1994-950.11.02.50%
Charlie Ward2003-
Ledell Eackles1994-950.40.72.50%
Courtney Lee2008-
Andre Miller2008-
Jameer Nelson2006-
Dikembe Mutombo2005-
Grant Long1996-970.30.82.49%
Andrew DeClercq1997-980.11.02.49%
Jarrett Jack2008-
Jumaine Jones2001-
Stacey Augmon1996-970.40.72.49%
Rafer Alston2008-
Armen Gilliam1993-940.11.02.49%
Rick Fox1999-
Shawn Bradley2001-
Tyrone Nesby1998-990.11.02.49%
Chris Johnson2015-
Eric Murdock1997-980.11.02.49%
Aaron Gordon2015-
Tayshaun Prince2009-
Robert Horry1993-940.11.02.48%
Francisco Elson2005-
Erick Dampier2002-
Ervin Johnson1999-
Darius Songaila2006-
Steve Blake2010-
Rasho Nesterovic1999-
Trevor Ariza2006-
Mario Elie2000-
Carlos Boozer2005-
Wilson Chandler2013-
Andres Nocioni2009-
Shandon Anderson1997-980.11.02.48%
Bobby Jackson2003-
Joe Smith2007-
Mike Miller2012-
Kevin Ollie2002-
Sherman Douglas1998-990.40.62.48%
Obinna Ekezie2004-
Anthony Bonner1993-940.20.92.47%
Arron Afflalo2008-
Nick Van Exel1996-970.11.02.47%
Gordan Giricek2005-
Steve Smith1995-960.11.02.47%
Anthony Tolliver2009-
Steve Kerr1995-960.11.02.47%
Chauncey Billups2004-
Gustavo Ayon2012-
Caron Butler2008-
Kelvin Cato2002-
DeMarcus Cousins2013-
Chris Quinn2007-
Rony Seikaly1993-940.20.92.47%
Darrell Armstrong2004-
Justin Anderson2016-
Brian Grant2003-
Harrison Barnes2012-
Darius Songaila2003-
Emeka Okafor2012-
Tony Allen2005-
Gilbert Arenas2010-
Mike Dunleavy2004-
Donatas Motiejunas2014-
Von Wafer2008-
Jake Voskuhl2005-
Al Harrington2007-
Monta Ellis2006-
Joel Przybilla2005-
Adonal Foyle2002-
Jordan Williams2011-
Anthony Morrow2016-
Spud Webb1994-950.20.92.46%
Marc Gasol2015-
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Josh Smith2006-
Joe Smith1999-
Jeff Foster2002-
Reggie Geary1997-980.30.82.46%
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Mo Williams2014-
Francisco Garcia2007-
Drew Gooden2014-
Gary Grant1993-940.11.02.45%
Eduardo Najera2005-
Michael Smith1998-990.11.02.45%
Jonathan Bender2001-
Jannero Pargo2007-
Christian Laettner1999-
David Benoit1995-960.11.02.45%
Anthony Bonner1994-950.30.72.45%
Alonzo Mourning2001-
Chris Andersen2008-
Andrew DeClercq1998-990.20.92.44%
Joe Johnson2005-
Derek Anderson1998-990.30.82.44%
Stacey Augmon2000-
Dikembe Mutombo2007-
Juan Dixon2007-
Antawn Jamison2002-
Mikki Moore2004-
Courtney Lee2010-
Ronnie Price2007-
Evan Fournier2015-
Charles Oakley1995-960.40.62.44%
Kevin Seraphin2012-
Beno Udrih2010-
Beno Udrih2009-
Mike Bibby2007-
Keith Bogans2008-
C.J. Miles2009-
Jamal Mashburn2002-
Latrell Sprewell1994-950.30.82.43%
Jusuf Nurkic2015-
Rick Fox2002-
Bryant Reeves2000-
Tony Farmer1999-
Chris Wilcox2003-
Jose Calderon2010-
Trevor Ariza2008-
Timofey Mozgov2015-
Dante Exum2016-
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Luke Ridnour2010-
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Keith Van Horn2005-
Hedo Turkoglu2000-
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Bryant Stith1993-940.11.02.42%
Terry Dehere1996-970.20.92.42%
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Jason Williams2006-
Corey Brewer2015-
Thaddeus Young2015-
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Kyle Anderson2016-
Eric Bledsoe2011-
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Sasha Vujacic2007-
Marco Belinelli2009-
Lamar Odom2012-
Latrell Sprewell2000-
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James Ennis2014-
Derrick McKey2001-
B.J. Armstrong1995-960.11.02.42%
Keith Bogans2004-
Leandro Barbosa2010-
Stromile Swift2004-
Ryan Hollins2013-
Jodie Meeks2013-
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Kawhi Leonard2011-
Brook Lopez2012-
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Calbert Cheaney2004-
Jamal Crawford2012-
Chuck Hayes2008-
Thaddeus Young2016-
Mark Madsen2005-
Antoine Walker2007-
Raymond Felton2005-
Donyell Marshall2002-
Ed Pinckney1993-940.10.92.40%
Zydrunas Ilgauskas2002-
Michael Stewart1997-980.11.02.40%
Dan Dickau2006-
Spencer Hawes2012-
Allan Houston1997-980.11.02.40%
Olden Polynice2000-
Dion Waiters2016-
Lawrence Roberts2006-
Kobe Bryant1997-980.11.02.40%
Donatas Motiejunas2015-
Earl Watson2011-
Rik Smits1996-970.40.62.40%
Mark Strickland2001-
Chris Singleton2011-
Mike Wilks2006-
Gary Payton2005-
Kyrylo Fesenko2009-
Lavoy Allen2014-
Rex Chapman1998-990.20.82.39%
Raja Bell2002-
Kyrylo Fesenko2010-
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Eric Piatkowski1995-960.20.82.39%
Larry Hughes2005-
Jalen Rose2003-
Chris Duhon2006-
Keith Askins1994-950.40.62.39%
Scott Williams1999-
Earl Boykins2001-
Paul McPherson2000-
Jim McIlvaine1999-
Tony Allen2008-
Corey Brewer2016-
Kobe Bryant2014-
Matt Barnes2006-
C.J. Watson2013-
Chris Whitney1997-980.11.02.38%
B.J. Armstrong1993-940.11.02.38%
Doug Overton1996-970.30.72.38%
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Jamal Crawford2002-
Matt Harpring2005-
Ruben Patterson2005-
Cuttino Mobley1999-
Donatas Motiejunas2013-
Billy Owens1997-980.11.02.38%
Dennis Rodman1998-990.40.52.38%
Duane Ferrell1996-970.20.82.38%
Tyreke Evans2014-
Marcus Banks2005-
Carlos Arroyo2006-
Michael Doleac2000-
Robert Traylor2002-
Bill Wennington1995-960.10.92.37%
Austin Croshere2002-
Walter McCarty1997-980.11.02.37%
Walter McCarty2002-
LaPhonso Ellis2001-
Rik Smits1999-
Kirk Snyder2005-
Chris Mullin1993-940.20.82.37%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson2015-
Goran Dragic2009-
Al Harrington2004-
Joe Smith2008-
Daequan Cook2011-
Austin Croshere2003-
Anfernee Hardaway1997-981.10.22.37%
Marvin Williams2012-
John Thomas1998-990.20.82.36%
Adam Keefe1995-960.11.02.36%
Michael Doleac1998-990.11.02.36%
Scott Burrell1994-950.20.82.36%
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Tyrone Nesby2001-
Kurt Thomas2011-
David Wesley2004-
Terry Dehere1995-960.11.02.36%
Andrew Bynum2009-
Jaren Jackson1996-970.10.92.36%
Mario Chalmers2010-
Allan Houston1994-950.10.92.36%
Quentin Richardson2003-
Kirk Hinrich2015-
Tony Delk1999-
Danny Schayes1997-980.10.92.36%
Kyle Korver2004-
Walter McCarty1998-990.30.62.36%
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Tyronn Lue2001-
Keith Bogans2010-
Chris Kaman2012-
Brent Barry1999-
Ian Mahinmi2012-
Jim McIlvaine1997-980.01.02.35%
Rick Fox1998-990.10.92.35%
Morris Peterson2004-
C.J. Miles2015-
Rodrigue Beaubois2012-
Rafer Alston2003-
Derek Anderson1997-980.20.82.35%
Mark West1998-990.01.02.35%
Brent Price1998-990.20.82.35%
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Marcin Gortat2009-
Brook Lopez2014-
Jared Jeffries2011-
Eddie Jones2001-
Elton Brand2001-
Mark West1996-970.10.92.34%
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Jason Kidd1994-950.01.02.34%
Kevin Johnson1997-980.30.62.34%
O.J. Mayo2012-
Gerald Henderson2010-
Keith Askins1998-990.30.72.34%
Morris Peterson2003-
Allan Houston1995-960.01.02.34%
Jared Dudley2008-
Scott Williams2003-
Scott Padgett2003-
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf1993-940.01.02.33%
Jamaal Tinsley2001-
Darrick Martin1999-
Udonis Haslem2012-
Quincy Pondexter2012-
Devin Harris2015-
Kelvin Cato1999-
Roger Mason2011-
James Anderson2012-
Shammond Williams2000-
Rodney White2003-
Earl Watson2001-
Boris Diaw2010-
Moochie Norris2000-
Danny Ainge1993-940.20.82.33%
Jerry Stackhouse1996-970.01.02.33%
Nazr Mohammed2001-
Tarik Black2016-
Reggie Evans2008-
Michael Curry1996-970.01.02.32%
Corey Brewer2010-
Rasual Butler2006-
Vinny Del Negro1996-970.10.92.32%
Raja Bell2005-
Mehmet Okur2003-
Bryon Russell2003-
Marvin Williams2013-
Fred Hoiberg1996-970.30.62.32%
Solomon Hill2015-
Leandro Barbosa2015-
Ryan Gomes2010-
Othella Harrington2003-
Howard Eisley2001-
Tony Campbell1994-950.01.02.32%
Damon Jones2006-
Ed Davis2015-
Antoine Walker2006-
Joakim Noah2015-
James Posey2006-
Matt Barnes2015-
DeMar DeRozan2011-
Tracy McGrady2011-
Channing Frye2006-
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Tyson Chandler2015-
Brandon Bass2010-
Tyrone Corbin1993-940.01.02.31%
Fred Hoiberg2001-
Keith Van Horn2000-
Kenyon Martin2013-
Carlos Boozer2011-
Francisco Garcia2006-
Wesley Johnson2015-
Glenn Robinson2001-
Chris Morris1993-940.30.62.31%
Anthony Peeler1997-980.30.52.31%
Metta World Peace2011-
Jason Terry2016-
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Shammond Williams2001-
Zaza Pachulia2004-
Jason Collins2010-
Aaron Gray2010-
Jason Terry2015-
Montrezl Harrell2016-
Giannis Antetokounmpo2013-
Steve Kerr2002-
Michael Dickerson1999-
Reggie Miller2004-
Luke Walton2006-
Marko Jaric2007-
Charles Smith1993-940.30.52.30%
Tyronn Lue2002-
Jameer Nelson2014-
Matt Barnes2016-
Caron Butler2003-
Leandro Barbosa2016-
Dion Glover2000-
Boris Diaw2007-
Juaquin Hawkins2002-
Horace Grant2003-
Jim Jackson2002-
Jud Buechler1996-970.10.92.29%
Harrison Barnes2014-
Chris Mills1995-960.01.02.29%
A.J. Price2009-
Bob Martin1993-940.30.62.29%
Gerald Wallace2001-
Jason Kapono2007-
Ervin Johnson1998-990.01.02.29%
Mike Bibby2008-
Nenad Krstic2008-
Brian Cardinal2005-
Dirk Nowitzki1998-990.10.92.29%
Kerry Kittles1996-970.01.02.28%
Derrick Coleman1999-
Keyon Dooling2003-
Kyle Singler2013-
Stanislav Medvedenko2001-
Shawn Bradley1993-940.30.62.28%
Maurice Evans2007-
Sarunas Jasikevicius2005-
Scottie Pippen2001-
Antonio Davis1993-940.01.02.28%
Bison Dele1993-940.01.02.28%
David Wood1993-940.01.02.28%
Derek Harper1993-940.01.02.28%
Isaiah Rider1993-940.01.02.28%
Jeff Hornacek1993-940.01.02.28%
Johnny Newman1993-940.01.02.28%
Kendall Gill1993-940.01.02.28%
Kenny Smith1993-940.01.02.28%
Mike Brown1993-940.01.02.28%
Sherman Douglas1993-940.01.02.28%
Grant Long1994-950.01.02.28%
Greg Foster1994-950.01.02.28%
Steve Smith1994-950.01.02.28%
Benoit Benjamin1995-960.01.02.28%
Bimbo Coles1995-960.01.02.28%
Shawn Bradley1995-960.01.02.28%
Sherman Douglas1995-960.01.02.28%
Tim Hardaway1995-960.01.02.28%
Todd Day1995-960.01.02.28%
Antonio Davis1996-970.01.02.28%
Clarence Weatherspoon1996-970.01.02.28%
Dale Davis1996-970.01.02.28%
Dale Ellis1996-970.01.02.28%
Dikembe Mutombo1996-970.01.02.28%
Isaac Austin1996-970.01.02.28%
Antonio Davis1997-980.01.02.28%
Dale Davis1997-980.01.02.28%
Antonio Davis1998-990.01.02.28%
Clarence Weatherspoon1998-990.01.02.28%
Dale Davis1998-990.01.02.28%
Isaac Austin1998-990.01.02.28%
Michael Curry1998-990.01.02.28%
Clarence Weatherspoon1999-
Steve Smith1999-
P.J. Brown2000-
P.J. Brown2001-
Junior Harrington2002-
P.J. Brown2002-
P.J. Brown2003-
Sasha Pavlovic2003-
Amar'e Stoudemire2004-
Mo Williams2004-
P.J. Brown2004-
Amar'e Stoudemire2006-
Amar'e Stoudemire2007-
Lou Williams2007-
J.J. Barea2008-
Lou Williams2008-
Amar'e Stoudemire2009-
J.J. Barea2009-
Lou Amundson2009-
Wesley Matthews2009-
Amar'e Stoudemire2010-
J.J. Barea2010-
Metta World Peace2010-
Wesley Matthews2010-
J.J. Redick2011-
Lou Williams2011-
O.J. Mayo2011-
Wesley Matthews2011-
J.J. Barea2013-
Lou Williams2014-
Dennis Schroder2015-
Brandon Ingram2016-
Buddy Hield2016-
Dario Saric2016-
Dennis Schroder2016-
Domantas Sabonis2016-
Dorian Finney-Smith2016-
Ish Smith2016-
Jamal Murray2016-
Jaylen Brown2016-
Kris Dunn2016-
Lou Williams2016-
Marquese Chriss2016-
Rodney McGruder2016-
Maurice Cheeks1978-790.01.02.28%
Ian Mahinmi2015-
Chris Duhon2009-
Dell Curry2001-
Sean Rooks2001-
Devin Harris2016-
Richaun Holmes2015-
Anthony Mason1993-940.10.92.28%
Sarunas Marciulionis1995-960.30.62.28%
Greg Buckner2000-
Wally Szczerbiak2006-
Kurt Thomas1995-960.10.92.28%
Aron Baynes2013-
Chris Kaman2013-
Brandon Jennings2010-
Larry Sanders2013-
Grant Long1997-980.30.52.27%
Jason Williams2000-
Danny Fortson2003-
Ansu Sesay2003-
Marvin Williams2006-
Rex Chapman1997-980.20.82.27%
Gilbert Arenas2002-03-
Corie Blount1997-980.00.92.27%
Kyle Singler2014-15-
Jalen Rose2002-03-
Andrew Lang1994-95-
Keith Bogans2006-
Greivis Vasquez2014-15-
Jason Thompson2014-15-
C.J. Watson2015-
Mark Price1996-970.00.92.27%
Billy Owens1999-
Glen Rice2000-
Dion Waiters2014-15-
Mario Hezonja2016-
Luc Mbah a Moute2013-