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In 2012, Backpicks was hacked. The original blog from Dec 2010 to Mar 2011 is available here. You can use the Internet Wayback Machine to browse old articles hereMore posts after April, 2012 can be found here by scrolling down, however the links seem corrupted.

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  1. While fairly daunting to those of us unfamiliar with detailed statistical analysis, it seems you’ve done a hell of a job here.
    My major ‘bias’ has been based on the assumption that Brady is both stupid and clever. ‘Stupid’ to put so much in jeopardy by involving underpaid functionaries in a scheme that produced an insignificant advantage, And ‘clever’ because, if Tom is indeed a ‘cheater’, he’s gone through at least 2 decades in the limelight with a spotless record…. What’s the probability of that ???

  2. What is Back Picks?

    I like your subtitle: Cognition in Sports. Do you plan more articles that investigate the science, psychology, sociology or legal framework of sports?

    • Hi Tom — I’ve previously written over 100 articles, 95% of which were on basketball. I find basketball to be the sport that intersects most heavily with our biases and cognitive tools and opinions/analysis. Unfortunately, none are currently up on this site because the site was hacked a few years ago and I have not taken the time to re-upload them (the graphics and interactive tables are tricky).

      I will be publishing an e-book later this year mainly around basketball, and how our cognition shapes our perception of sports.

      PS A back pick is a type of screen in basketball.

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